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how did emergency c section effect you? Lock Rss

I just had child number 3 and with my first two pregnancies I had complication only minor and had complications at both natural births with baby number three my pregnancy was horrible and had the same complications just worse this time. 3 days before my due date (which the doctors got wrong btw) I started early labour on the fourth day of early labour I was exhausted and couldnt take it anymore so I went up to birth suite and the did an internal 2 cm still nothing was happening so I go home and got in a hot shower for hours pain stept up a notch I thought WOOT finally something is happening. After dinner I went back up to birth suite they checked me again 2.5 cm. This was going nowhere as usual. So the midwife did a stretch and sweep and I went home. Pain stepped up again so back in we went. This time I got a senior mw and student mw they did an internal I made it to 3 cm. Yay!!! Then the student mw felt bubs position she was unsure because my belly was so tight and it was only her first day. She went off to find the senior mw to help her. The senior mw felt for bub then made a funny noise and asked where I felt the kicks I told her I wasnt sure cause bubs movment had been really slow for weeks and I couldnt tell the difference between a kick and a punch anymore. She called for a doctor and altra sound machine. The doctor checked bub and then asked how I felt bout having a c section because bub was breech with feet down if I made it till morning and my labour stopped they would try to turn bub. I was then taken to the ward to wait. About an hour later my contraction all of a sudden went through the roof and I buzzed for the nurse both the nurse and doctor came in she did an internal I was at 5 cm. Now i was an emergency before my waters broke. She asked if I wanted to try natural birth but the risks to my baby were too high because her cord was under her feet and she would probably die before I could birth her. I was ok with having a c section so off we went and an hour later she was her and she was healthy. I healed well and was home within three days and off all pain meds within a week. I didnt realise that the scare would make me feel unattractive and that effects what I am comfortable wearing and has had a huge impact on our sex life. I also found it very hard to bond with my daughter at first. Im so glad I have my husband and family here to support me. He really is an amazing nam. Thats most my story how did your c section effect you?
Congrats smile

Ive had 2 emergency c sections and 1 elective. ALL my pregnancies have been complicated & worst case. My file at the hospital looks like an encyclopedia.

The scar eventually fades hun. Its ugly at first but youll get over it. Try not to place unrealistic expectations on yourself & body image. You are your harshest critic. Love your body like your hubby does, he most probably loves you just as you are :x

Thanx ladies I will get over it eventually just like stretch marks I find telling people about your worries and problems helps you see it differently. Losing some weight will probably help too lol. I think the trouble bonding with my baby effected me more then the scar does. But once I got home I found that I bonded with her much easier and now shes a little mummys girl. lol I thought my hospital chart was thick. If you have more children I hope its complication free.
Firstly Congrates smile
Sorry you feel this way! I had a emergency c-section with my first and a elective with my second......
I did loose a lot of my confidence after the birth of my first, I let it effect me severely, I believe it was the reason why my ex lets say "left me" it was a really hard thing to over come but I did! And I'm sure you will too smile I reminded myself everyday the blessing that came with the scar, over a period of time I was able to wear what I wanted and I felt great again, I think meeting my DF gave me my total confidence back, he loved me for me...scars and all! smile I'm ok with my body now, I believe us ladies were born to carry our children inside us, share such an amazing bond and give birth nothing beats the feeling knowing our little ones are the result of body is what it is to bring them into the world and I love it.

My husband is amazing and so understanding. He always tells me he can barely see it when he knows its bothering me. Hes such a bad liar but makes me feel better that hes trying to make me feel good when im down. We even managed to get intermate this morning without me even thinking bout it and totally ruining the mood. Sorry if that was too much info but im pretty proud of myself
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