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Uk mums having kiwi babies Lock Rss

I'm a uk citizen. My dh is kiwi so is my baby. I'm 18 weeks and have been confirmed that I'm eligible for care until baby is born.

I have to have a c section, and now I'm a bit worried. Only being entitled to care until baby is born, does that mean I won't get to stay for he standard 2 days post section? Will I be denied painkillers or food afterwards? What if something goes wrong with the surgery? Will I be out on my arse with no care?

Is there anyone here who has been in my situation? I'm seriously scared, at home post section I got a severe blood infection that almost killed me and had paralyticillius (SP). That's when they touch and temporary kill your bowel. If this were to happen again would I be kicked out and left to fend for myself if I couldn't pay for care.

Please someone help and give me advice, I can live without having midwife coming to my home after, but I don't know what I'd do if I got seriously ill sad
Are you an NZ resident? Or what sort of visa are you on?
I am, and am from the UK, when I had DS we had free care pre and post natal.
But we ended up giving birth in hospital and staying a few days as things didn't go to plan. A few days after being home I received a letter from the hospital asking me to prove I was an NZ resident otherwise I would be required to pay for the care I had received.
This was our experience anyway, hope this helps smile

I know someone who isn't a nz resident and having a baby here.. they are having to pay for all there cares pre and post natal.

ur midwife will know what u are entitled to anyway.
I'm currently on a 2 year visitor visa. We've proven our eligibility as I'm married to a nz citizen and they called today and said I don't have to pay for anything up until the baby's born as s/he is a nz citizen. But no post natal care at all.

I can live without midwives coming every day, that doesn't bother me, it's the post c section care that worries me. If I were to get an infection, or something went wrong with the surgery where do I stand, am I going to be turfed out because I'm "not covered" or does that count as standard c section care. Her only example was if I was to get mastitis or something they'd just tell me to give baby a bottle cos as long as the citizen is cared for I basically don't matter.
I will be applying for residency in the next couple of months as I first need to renew my uk passport, but doubt it'll be granted before I go for section end of March.
I emailed ministry of health eligibility services. They replied saying that I am entitled to full maternity care including post natal. I don't know why the lady who contacted me and said otherwise, but am so much more at ease going in to this.

I've had 2 children previously in Scotland and was becoming tempted to hop on a plane and have baby there.

Thank you everyone for responding. I really appreciate you guys taking the time to calm down a crazy lady smile
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