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eczema? Lock Rss

Hey girls... my 3 yr old has really bad eczema so I thought I would share my favourite treatments. Emu oil is great buts its messy and smells alot lol so on a daily basis I use egoderm ointment. Its great I found it was the best thing for nearly everything from bites to nappy rash to eczema and it doesnt have any nastys so you can use it on any age child or baby. What are your favourite treatments?
Never heard that before will give it a go thanks rosie mumma. Would love to hear anyone elses feed back
Rosie Mumma wrote:
Pro-biotics helps my DD's eczema from the inside out wink

Ooh Rosie mumma- thanks for that. I've had eczema all my life and now looks like my kids have it sad can I ask which probiotics you recommend? Do adults have to have different ones to kids?

Op we just moisturise allllll the time, have shorter showers and not too hot showers either to minimise the eczema smile

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