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  5. cant remember what to expect in 1st week or two

cant remember what to expect in 1st week or two Lock Rss

cant recall how I managed w dd1 after c/sec for 1st few weeks. had hubby then to help w bottles at night n picking up bubs etc. but on my own this time n wondering if anyone has helpful ideas/tips to make things easier for myself-especially during night. also, I did some research into why NOT to microwave bottles n seems its just because you may overheat it n it'll be too hot for bubs. is this only reason you think? with dd1, we always microwaved to warm bottles, so I know the best amount of time to put it in. It doesn't have anything to do w BPA's etc does it? thanx for any help
One thing I tried doing was keeping hot water in a Thermos next to the bed, and putting it in a bowl, then heating the bottle in that. I read breast milk can be in room temp for up to 6 hours, so the hot water was just enough to take to chill off.

From what I have read Microwaving breast milk changes the structure of the milk and damages it some how. I think the nutrients get damaged and it reduces the milks benefits to prevent infections.
I kept a little bag with me that always had wipes nappies snacks for the other kids and all sorts of other things I may need in it. But I was also naughty I still picked my kids up did the washing and cleaned the house as I normally would after the first week. Cant help with the bottle thing. Should be able to find a bottle safety site on google. Good luck its not easy when you havnt got someone to help out all the time after a cs. Hope all goes well x
Can't reheat your milk in the microwave, it kills all the goodies that make breastmilk so great. Wouldn't it just be easier to put but to breast in the night than messing around with expressing etc? If that's what you need to do then just sit bottle in some hot water for a couple of minutes. Doesn't need to be really warm, just lying enough to take the chill from the fridge off.
If your planning to bottle feed perhaps you could invest in those electric bottle warmers. Depending on where bub would sleep, I suggest:

1. Having 2 mattress protectors with a sheet in between them so if one gets dirty you have another underneath.
2. Have a spare grobag/wrap, spare baby clothes, lots of nappies and wipes right beside you.
3. Couple of spare cloth nappies for burping time.
4. A night light is always handy.

And make yourself a cuppa before your bedtime as you need lots of r&r.

Good luck.
thanx all for the help. will do some of those smile
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