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Public health system pressure Lock Rss

Hey everyone, just thought I'd share.

I have a c section scheduled Tuesday and had my last MW appt last night, she was wonderful and so honest with me. She said they just had a meeting at which they were told of new strict deadlines.... VBirths must be discharged within 6 hours and cesarian births within 2 days.... she said although its sad there will be pressure for me to leave within this time frame. Obviously pending any complications. A MW will do home visits, but thats a bit different to 24 hr support.

I wish I had gone private, maybe what they say about the public health system in QLD is true. I don't mind going home if I feel ready, but recovering last time was scary!

Hoping I have a straight fwd procedue and I'm up on my feet asap....

I feel for the staff as well, most of them are working there because they love it, but now they are expected to treat people a little less personally.
Wow really, I stayed in with my first (both non complicated vaginal births), for three days, and with my second the next day. With my second I wanted to go home about 6 hours later, but the midwives told me to stay and have a rest (as I have a toddler at home). They want to see that you are successfully establishing breast feeding (as if there is an issue a lot of mums will give up rather than ask for help - or the help just isn't there), and they want to make sure bubs is pooing and weeing and not developing jaundice. The doctors were always telling me I could go, but the midwives were coming in behind them shaking heads and urging me to stay. I'm in Tassie and have to say, our public health system can be cr@ppy, but the maternity side of things has always been great.

Maybe the rules apply if there is a shortage of beds?

Aka G&L smile

I'm also in QLD and have just had my 2nd baby 2 weeks ago. Normal vaginal birth with no complications and they actually encouraged me to stay overnight (she was born early in the morning) I really didn't want to stay as I really don't like being in hospital and so I went home just after lunch. Still had my home visits from the midwife and all was good.
With my first last year I had a forceps birth in the morning and they wanted me to stay overnight. I went home that same afternoon even though I was in a lot of pain. I just knew I'd recover better by being at home.
So maybe it just depends on the hospital and how many beds are available?
Wow that is crazy! I don't think there are any deadlines here in NZ. I stayed in for 5 nights for my first c-sec and 3 nights for the second. No major complications, but definitely wouldn't have been ready to go home much earlier for the first one.

I went private and stayed 5 nights! They wanted me to get the hang of breastfeeding before going home and for dd's weight to increase. I don't think I would have been able to breastfeed with any less time. My private hospital had a nursery used mainly for feeding with 24 hr lactation consultants. I really don't see that spending 6 hours in hospital wilk give you the tools you need to successfully bf if its your first, even qith home visits. At most they would visit for like an hour? Definitely not enough time.

I just had my 3rd non complicated vaginal delivery and stayed 5 nights in a public hospital. I feel I needed every bit of that time. Hopefully whatever the rules are they meet the needs of mother and baby at the time.

Good luck for Tuesday anni b smile
I think your midwife was either misinformed or you misheard. I work in a public QLD hospital in the nursery and am also due to have a baby next year. For an uncomplicated vaginal birth discharge is 6 - 48 hours and for c section 3 - 5 days. This can be extended at the discretion of the medical or nursing team if there are concerns about feeding, your recovery, babies health etc. Yes there are certainly more pressures on the public system but you won't be pushed out the door 6 hours after giving birth particularly with your first baby, if you don't feel ready. Also the time of birth is taken into account when planning discharge. After discharge home there is some community support too. Try not to be worried about it

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Supermummy wrote:
Anirtak wrote:
Wow that is crazy! I don't think there are any deadlines here in NZ. I stayed in for 5 nights for my first c-sec and 3 nights for the second. No major complications, but definitely wouldn't have been ready to go home much earlier for the first one.

It depends where you are apparently. When I had DD almost 9 years ago I had to leave within 3 hours. I ended up leaving after 2 because I had been fixed up and showered etc and just wanted to curl up in bed but by the time I would have done that I would have had to get up and out of the hospital so I decided I might as well just go then get settled.

DS I stayed longer because they had to monitor him for withdrawal.

yip my SIL didn't even get to stay 24hours with my niece as they had no midwives to care for her, whereas my other SIL who is birthing in a smaller town is encouraged to stay for as long as necessary, even up to a week.

I'm having my 3rd C/S this Thursday morninng and hope to be home on Saturday. With my previous two I only stayed two nights also, I found once I was able to get up and move around I was fine and I just wanted to be at home, both times the midwife came to the house on day 5 to remove my staples.
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