Hi Ladies I just wanted to share about complimentary surgery covered under medicare.

I have just come back from my appointment at the hospital for my tubal ligation surgery which will happen within the next 90days so Jan.

Ive had 3 csections and knew I was done with having anymore kids. In my case I couldnt have the surgery done at birth but was told I could have it pp after 12wks. I WAS skeptical as usually public systems change their policies but 100% im booked in for keyhole surgery with no issues or questions asked.

TO get it via public system you need your GP to refer you to a Gyno clinic covered by a Hospital. I Live in Syd and went through Royal Womens Hospital Randwick. They have a clinic on level 2 and I believe they have an intake covering regional NSW aswell. Professor Ledger is the specialist and my obs all work at the private hospital next door. PM me if you want contacts and more info.

Also before my DS birth when I saw my Ob before surgery I complained about my C scar and skin over hang. He said if you want me to cut the excess skin off before I stitch you up so its tidy I can do that. I jumped at the offer & sure enough after the surgery my tummy was flatter and tidier than the previous surgery. I still have weight to loose off the side, but I got a mini tuck basically.

ALL you have to do ladies is ask! IF your booked into a csection don't think its cheeky to ask for things in your pre admin consult. The theatre and resources are already there lol.