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Looking to have VBA2C Lock Rss

I am chasing information about trying for a natural birth after having 2 emergency c-sections.
I was induced at 38.5 weeks with my 1st due to hypertension and laboured for 16.5 hours until she got distressed and they had to get her out (I was 5cm dilated).
Number 2 I went into labour at home at 39 weeks and laboured for 15 hours until he got distressed and they had to get him out (I was 4cm dilated).
I am now pregnant with number 3 and awaiting my 1st Obstretrician appt and would like to have some thing to talk to him about when it comes to the birth.
He pushed for trying naturally for the second baby, so I know if I have some good info I could possibly convince him to let me try again.

I would just like to know if anyone has got some do information or know where I can find some to help.

Thank you smile
I cant help but when I had my 3rd the ob said that many ladies can have 2 c section and the 3rd vaginally but not you.3rd time the uterus was on the thin side and he did not want to risk it.(probably by having 3 babies close together) but he never said that ,just me surmising.Best of luck

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Congratulations on your pregnancy smile

CARES may be able offer support and advice.

Not many obstetricians will support a VBA2C. If you are wanting obstetric care it would be a good idea to get a doula.

My first 2 pregnancies ended in emergency caesareans. I decided to go with a private midwife to support me for baby #3. We planned a home birth with my local hospital as a back up. I saw an obstetrician at around 36wks who tried to convince me that I could never birth a baby naturally. Thankfully he went on holidays when I was due so I called on my previous obstetrician to help me out. She was slightly more supportive but insisted that I book a caesarean if my pregnancy went longer than 42 weeks.
My baby was born at home in water after a very quick labour, 15 days past my EDD and 7hrs before I was due at the hospital for my scheduled c-section smile

It can be done... Support is the key smile
All the best

I am kitty wink

I had one emergency Caesarian with my first baby and a successful natural birth (VBAC) with my second baby only 14 months later. I'm currently approaching arrival of baby no 3 and hoping to replicate success of no 2. Im sure with the right support, conditions and informed medical advice you can achieve it after 2 cesarians. It really is so empowering. On the other hand, having experienced both scenarios i think the most important aspect of childbirth is that your baby and you are safely cared for and given the best treatment available. Once you know that your bub is in distress it really is all about ensuring they arrive as safely as possible and accepting a change in plans with no guilt or resentment. I wish you all the best. Third time lucky maybe!
Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences...its nice to know it is possible.
I have my 1st obs appt today, so will be interesting what he says. He knows from after number 2 that if we were to have any more I did not want to be booked in for a c-section, so he knows the conversation is
I am quite aware that my chances are low because both number 1 & 2 bubbies got distressed and I would not want to risk the bubs health, but it will be nice to see if I have an option. I think that if I didn't get to labor I'd feel a bit cheated (as weird as that sounds) but for me its all about preparing your body for birth and motherhood.
I find it upsetting that my body doesn't do what it is made to do, especially because my mother gave birth to 3 babies with no meds, no tearing and after 2x8 hour labors with my brothers and 16 hours with me.

I hope I can finally do it the right way and not have to open up the sunroof again.

Thanks again all smile
I'm also looking at trying for a Vba2c.
If you're on Facebook, join the group called ' VBAC Australia Support Group'
An amazing group of women with a wealth of knowledge and support xx

I was wondering about this as well. I am using a different OB but he's in the same rooms as my prior who told me with DD2 that as I didn't progress the first time, he thought my chances were low for a VBAC. He was prepared to let me consider it after saying that though.. gasp
Will be having a look at the page Charlie & Boots.
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