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  5. Has anybody been told they have a thin uterus?

Has anybody been told they have a thin uterus? Lock Rss

I have had 3 c sections and on the 3rd I was told that it was very thin. This baby has been a complete surprise and I'm currently 17 weeks 1 day. Just wondering anybody else's experience. Did u have to deliver earlier ( I have read 36-37 weeks delivery due to the risk of u having a rupture) did u get extra monitoring?
Please no negative comments

Thanks smile
No personal experience, but I have heard others say there is a bit more monitoring with ultrasound to see how the scar tissue is holding up and it would be dependent on the scan results each time as to what they will do. If the ob genuinely feels that scar tissue is too thin and continuing the pregnancy any longer presents an unreasonable risk to you and baby then you might be delivered early. Good luck with your pregnancy and I hope everything goes well.

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Yes my uterus is thin where the csection scars are. I have had 3. My GF has had 6 kids 4 csection 2 natural between c's. she had a vbac3 even?

I guess they will just monitor you and your growth as the uterus stretches during the course of the pregnancy. Everything is just common sense with heavy lifting etc Youll get scheduled for 37wks csection.

If you were told not to have kids after your last birth the hospital wouldve issued you a letter specifying you shouldnt get pregnant for x amount of years etc. I was given that letter but told my min time was 6yrs or not at all. I chose to have a ligation instead as my baby making days are done smile

GOOD LUCK with everything
Hello I have 4 children (one set of twins) and I'm pregnant with my last baby atm smile I was told when I had my 3rd caesarean that my scar was very thin and that they wouldn't recommend me having any more baby's. After lots of talk with doctors etc my dh and I decided we would try for our last baby and I'm just over 32 weeks pregnant now.
I was told I'd have extra monitoring and scans and if all is going well they will deliver baby between 37 weeks and 38 weeks. I had a scan last Friday and my scar was checked thoroughly for thickness and to their surprise my scar is looking really good only a few mm's difference between the thickness when they measured the uterine wall up on my tummy and then on my scar for comparison.
I was told by a fair few doctors before we tried to get pregnant that even though my scar was thin for my 3rd caesarean it doesn't necessarily mean it would be thin next time.
At my next appointment on the 3rd December when I'll be just over 34 weeks they will be booking my baby's delivery date smile
All the Very best for the rest of your pregnancy and if you want to chat you can PM me if you want smile

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I have been told I was really thin and I was booked for 34 but it was changed to 32 weeks
Ive had 3 caesars 1st emerg 2nd elective not by choice (head too big to engage) 3rd coz of thin uterus scar tissue was only 2mm i was booked for caesar at 39weeks
Im wanting another soon id love to try a vbac but ill have to get ultrasound to get it checked and see what dr says smile
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