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Worried :S Lock Rss

I had an emrgency c-section with my first child. I was 16 at the time and was very scared and didnt know what to expect as it happened so quickly.
I did have high blood pressure through out my pregnancy and i also kept telling my midwife i had preeclampsia, in the end i actually did have it. I was so swollen i couldnt wear socks and went from being 55kgs before pregnancy to 90kg days before birth. I had a c-section has my daughter was turned the wrong way and also they thought i was either going to have a heart attack or stroke.
Now that my partner and i are ready to have another child im worried that i will be told im going to have to have a natrual birth, i am wanting to have another c-section has of the complications ive had with my last child.

As anyone else been put in the same situation before?
I was treated at middle more so horribly, i ended up in there for 3 weeks as i got an infection in my c-section and they forgot to give me my medication.

Thanks smile
wow what a scary experience sad
I had a c sect with my DS too and I asked about it at the time. From what I was told you will have a choice of whether you want to attempt VBAC or have a repeat c sect. if you are physically able to give birth naturally your LMC will most likely encourage you to try and birth naturally.

You should talk to your LMC about the complications you experienced. statistically it is actually safer to VBAC than have a repeat c section. If I were you I'd hear her (or him) out about the pros and cons about each option. But they can't make you do anything - its your body and your decision.

I have no idea what I would personally do in this situation, atm I think I would try VBAC but who knows if that would change... my c section was elective and it was pretty easy. Hideous recovery though I don't want to go through that again.
I've herd of woman's scars rupture and they've miscarried. I really want to have another c-section. My recovery took so long, but in the end it was all worth the pain smile
that is a risk, but the risks associated with a c section are still actually higher than the risk of uterine rupture smile
here is some info if you were interested in doing some reading on the topic

Good luck with everything smile
Middle more sucks aye , where
Are u staying smile
I'm going to go private this time! Their surgery looks like a morgue :S
Ewe really !!!! Creapy , is that middle more
Where u gonna have ur next baby
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