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Can I have a natural birth? Lock Rss

I am just needing help. I have had two previous c-sections and am really wanting to try a natural birth this time around. Anyone from Tauranga and have had a VBA2C? I'm trying to get as much info as I can. Also anyone have a great midwife who assisted them with it?

Thank you
I don't know much about it, but a friend of mine just did! So it must be possible =) Wishing you the best
I just red your post. I live in Auckland and currently 35 weeks pregnant with baby number 3. I have had 2 previous c-sections. I have an independent midwife who told me she would support me either way, and happily chatted to me about both options. She has been a midwife for 15 years and has only had one woman with a uterine rupture who was VBAC1 and 1 successful VBAC2.
I have just had my appointment with an obs at a public hospital and they were surprisingly OK about trying for a VBAC. They did recommend a c-section because they said if I did rupture they have a very short window to get the baby out before it possibly dies.
She told me she had only ever been involved in 5 VBAC2 cases. 4 ended in c-sections after hours of labour due to failure to progress or fetal distress. The successful 1 had told the doctors she would not stop until they were positive the baby was in a very bad way. The baby was in fetal distress for 40 minutes but she would not stop!
My husband was cautious the whole way along about a VABC. At the beginning of my pregnancy I was very certain I would try. Now I am not so certain! I totally understand that a c-section is not without risks and recovery is generally much harder and longer, but for me now, I can't risk the death of me or my baby. I want to give us both the best chance of success and have finally come to the conclusion a c-section will be best for us!
If you try for a VBAC I think you are amazing...and a lot braver than me!!! smile
I've had 2 c/s and really hoping my doctor will consider a vbac2. But after my 2nd they told me this was not possible, fingers crossed times have changed in the last 5 years

I'm 27 weeks and have a 2 year old via c/section. I've been told they can induce me with something called the Foley catheter?? They put a balloon inside you and force the cervix to open by filling it with saline solution. Then they can burst your waters and move things along that way. First time around I didn't dilate at all in 7 hours and bub was in a terrible position. I have slight complications this time around so they want bub out before i get to 40 weeks, but this balloon thing has me slightly worried. Hubby is of the opinion that if i get to the stage they want to induce me maybe we should opt for a c/section anyway, rather than go through all we went through with #1 to end up with an emergency section anyway...
Hi Mrs Davies, I'll be following your post, I'm also from Tauranga, not pregnant, yet, but looking into VBA2C so am interested in what people have to say!
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