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  5. Constant pain after emergency cesarean 2 years ago

Constant pain after emergency cesarean 2 years ago Lock Rss

Hi mums, Im hoping someone else can shed some light that have gone through the same thing. Im coming up on 2 years since the birth of my first and only child. I had an emergency cesarean for reasons Id rather not get into, and I know that I cant expect to be better straight away. Its been just about 2 years since, and I would have thought that by now, it would have gotten a LITTLE better. My scar is all healed up with no problems. no pain along it. All of my pain is the upper abdominal area. When I stand, and look down at it, Its still a big swollen bump. its hard to the touch and looks like another baby bump but most definately isnt. Its been the same way since birth. Hasnt gone down and the pain has never lessened. Im at my wits end. Is it time to go back to the doctor or is this a regular thing? I have a gym membership and try to go but im so limited as to what i can do because i hurt so much. and because I cant do as much the weight is coming on. My extra weight now is putting strain on my already sore belly but its a catch 22 because it hurts to be at the gym trying to exercise! If i could afford lipo and a tummy tuck, id do it in flash. i dont know what to do anymore. it hurts to do things with my son, thank god he walks because it was getting so hard to pick him up all the time. i feel like im hitting the baby blues again because nothing is going right for me, and I just want to be the best parent i can be and set a healthy example for my son and I cant do it. Its getting the best of me most days now and im sure my partner is sick of it too even though he hasnt said it... HELP!
Really not normal. I've had six c's nothing but a little tenderness at the scar site. Please see your gp.


like the other ladies have said, this doesnt sound normal to me (I've had 3 c-sections)

please get yourself checked out, you shouldn't be dealing with chronic pain 2 years on.

Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010)

I agree with the other ladies. Doesn't sound right to me, I've heard scar tissue can build up and be quite painful but as Little Miss said, it could be a number of things. My caesarean was almost a year and a half ago and I still have a bit of numbness around the scar and if dd crawls over me and stands on my scar it can be painful but other than that it doesn't affect my everyday life. Go see the doctor and I'm sure they will be able to help you. Take care.

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