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Low lying placenta- is it really going to move or am I certain for a caesarean Lock Rss

I have an anterior placenta that's currently practically covering my cervix, my doctor doesn't want to worry me because he says it could move... but if it doesn't that I will be having a caesarean. I really don't want one. Has anyone else been told their placenta was covering their cervix and it did move??

Please respond!
My cervix was completely covered , they rescanned at 34 weeks and it had moved about 2cm so they scanned again at 36weeks and it moved to posterior . They decided to let me go naturally yay smile it had moved to what is considered the grey area however bub growing and all so they said bub will push it outta the way now smile
The placenta itself doesn't move, what happens is as the uterus grows, depending on where exactly the placenta is attached to it will move with the uterus and be further from the cervix. If however the placenta is attached on top of or very close to the cervix then it will stay in that position and in that case a c section will be needed. Try not to sweat it just yet and if you do need a section, you will be fine smile

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I had this also, at my 19 week scan they said I had a grade 3 previa with the placenta partially covering the cervix. They rescanned at 32 weeks and the placenta was well clear of the cervix so I could have a vaginal birth. I was nervous I'd have to have a Caesarian because I also had an anterior placenta and it could have meant I'd need to go under a general. But that didn't happen. Hopefully for you the doctor is right and it will be clear of the cervix when the time comes.
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