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4 C-Section & IVF Lock Rss

Hi everyone...
I was just wondering if any knows if you can have IVF after having 4 c-sections??
My tubes are tied now after my last CS (nearlly 6yrs ago) by choice as thought I really didn't want anymore...
Now I am seriously regreting it as I would love just 1 more....I am 36yrs old and the clock is really ticking now, my partner & I have an appt to go to flindersfertility & we were just wondering if anyone had any positive stories??
All 4 c-sections were elective as due to bubs not turning!
Thanx smile
You are a hero) I can give you the contacts of my clinic, you can ask about the consultation?
oh, angelTiger that’s not a genuine reason. Well, it’s your matter and you know how to handle it. our basic task is to facilitate you with the best answer that may help you. it’s best for you to take six months break after C-section before becoming pregnant again. Some doctors agree on 1-year duration for a break. And you know very well how much time C-section take to recover. After that, you can go for IVF. They will examine you and then advise you what is best for you to do.
Hey. Hope you are doing good. I had 3 miscarriages. IVF is a difficult process to carry out. IVF didn't work in my case. I wanted a baby badly. I don't want to adopt anyone else child. someone suggested me surrogacy. I still have so many doubts in my mind about surrogacy. I cannot leave this option because I want a Bio baby. My husband is very supportive and he is very happy with my decision. But I am confused a bit. someone suggested me a clinic and told me that they have best surrogates. So I have made my mind for this. I want a baby at any cost. So if anyone has suggestion that would be appreciated.
Hello angeltiger. How are you? A doctor can obviously update you much better with your situation. However, personally, I would suggest you look at alternative options. Surrogacy being the number one option. I've had multiple miscarriages over the last 7 years, and I was told by a few doctors that I could get IVF done. The risk it involved was pretty high. This changed my mind regarding IVF. Since then, I have been reading about surrogacy and how big it has become all around the globe. There are quite a few clinics in Europe, especially in Ukraine. You should check them out. They specialize in IVF and surrogacy both. BioTexCom is one, in particular, which has gained a huge reputation. I was delighted with my first meeting with the people at the clinic and I have, myself decided to go for surrogacy. Hopefully, this helps you make a decision!
Hi there! How are you holding up? Well, I know I've heard a lot! IVF is really a tough process. I'm also undergoing later this year one at my clinic in Ukraine. So, yeah! Well, I've heard that it's tough ...I can see what you've been through. I hope it goes great for you. So, yeah! Stay strong! Just keep going with your choices. Take rest! Before going again on the journey...
Hi, I hope you are doing well. IVF is a complicated process. The success rate of IVF is below 50%. I don't think it is a good idea to go for IVF. I rather give preference to surrogacy. Surrogacy process is very simple also the treatment is guaranteed. Bio TexCom is the best clinic for surrogacy and IVF. Pay a visit there for more info.
Hey Dear. I am really sorry to hear about your problem. I know it must feel bad. However, don't give up. IVF is a great process. You should think about it. Consult a doctor first Take care. good luck.
I dont think it would have an issue. Though a more clear window can be seen with the help of professional help. Get your tests done. If your body is healthy. I dont see an issue going for IVF. I wish you all the very best hun. Baby dust your way.
hey there! I hope you are doing great. TTC is one of the hardest things a woman can go through. IVF is an important process. it is painful as it is for me. but I am happy that I went for it. I hope it works out for you.
Just wondering if you got to IVF after 4 c-sections??....i also had my tubes clamped after 4 sections .....and am wanting to do IVF
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