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When do they usually book you in for a repeat c section? Lock Rss

I'm new to NZ. I've had 2 previous sections and going to see the consultant next week about booking in for a third.

I have big babies for my size. I'm 5ft with tiny hips. My first at 41w and 4 days was 9lb 2. My 2nd at 37 weeks was 7lb 13. I'm concerned if they wait til 39-40 weeks this baby will get jammed in my hips like the first did which ended with the c section (obviously) but also they killed my bowel and due to severe blood loss from literally dragging her out I also got severe sepsis.

So what can I expect from the consultant and when's the earliest they'll do the section?
Thanks, I'm starting to panic now. My problem is I never actually measure big and u/s always say Normal size. So then everyone gets a shock when they drag out a giant. I'm worried they won't believe me and think I'm trying to work the system or something.
I'll contact my old dr in my home country and see if I can get some info sent over. Hopefully it'll arrive before my appt next week
I did think that it would be around 39 weeks. Like I say, I'm mostly concerned with my previous problems coming back to haunt me. I seriously couldn't handle going through that again. When I was given one a 37 weeks, it literally couldn't have gone better. I could've left hospital that afternoon I felt fab. When I went overdue it almost killed me.

I'm realising the more I write, the more neurotic I must come across. I guess I'll just have to wait and see what the dr says
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