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Elective c section frowned upon. Lock Rss

I think in the end you cannot be forced into a vaginal birth - if you are told you must then you could fight this with the ethics board of the hospital.

All I would encourage you to do is to talk to women who have had sections about their experience, become well informed of the risks and consider what your concern/hesitancy with vaginal birth is and what options might be available to you. If after that you still decide you want an elective c section, you will be in a better position to convince the medical team as you will be well informed and resolved in your choice.

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Thanks so much everyone for all the feedback... It's interesting to hear everyone's opinions. This is not a decision I have taken lightly... I'm approaching 40 so I have tons of friends that I've had many discussions with. It's a polarising subject and I've found it very confronting. I also have 7 nieces and nephews and have been present in 3 births so I feel my decision is one I've definately taken seriously. Obviously not having private health cover I'm willing to pay a private obstetrician. I just feel sorry for those ladies that would like the choice in a public hospital and can't afford to pay a private obstetrician to do it. Since when Mel + 2 should we live in a country where health care or education will not be offered because you can't afford it. And not that it is, but if my reason was because I don't want my bits ruined then so be it.. Should chemo therapy only be offered if your dying and not to help you from not dying. Your comments are disappointing. I posted the initial comment as I didn't realise how narrow minded so many people are about this... I'm just so shocked. I hope now that I'm going to be a mum, I don't judge others as quickly as I have been for choices they make about their own body or their children.
All in all I still take on everyone's advice, you have all been there and I haven't so I do appreciate the feedback. X thanks guys!
Good luck.

Like I said - for your best shot at getting your wishes, go to your appointment at the hospital appearing well informed, aware of your rights and resolved in your choice. If you present yourself as rational and educated you will do better than if you appear afraid and defensive.

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I must say though I do agree with kittkatt that the general public opinion of what free healthcare and free education involve is disappointing. I'm not going to make any reference to you Bobbie4n, because I have no idea of your personal circumstances and what your reasons are, therefore feel I cannot comment. I will say though I find it interesting how much people expect for free. I nursed a young girl once - 17, very attractive, who had surgery through the public system because her labia were asymmetric. It didn't cause her pain, discomfort or have any impact on her sexual health, but she had the surgery because of cosmetic reasons, funded by public healthcare. Meanwhile, there are patients suffering chronic pain or illness who are waiting excessive lengths of time for necessary procedures and every elective case is prolonging the wait for these patients.

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just a quick reply and somethign for you to consider in terms of recovery etc

I have had 1 emergency and 2 elective c-sections

the recovery from the elective c-section was much quicker and less painful than the emergency c-section, as my body had not struggled through many hours of labour beforehand.

best of luck with your pregancy and birth.

Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010)

I cannot believe how rude you are!! You asked for opinions & people have responded, from what I have read no-one has judged you. I certainly didn't. I couldn't care less how mums deliver their babies as it is their choice. All I was implying is that going through the public system you are less likely to walk in & demand what you want without a good reason. I have had 2 horrible vaginal births through the public system, when we are blessed with our 3rd I am opting for an elective & I have reason to. Have you actually spoken to the hospital & expressed your wishes to have an elective? Just a tip though if you are going to be an active part of the forum it's best not to attack the other members...
Wow..... I'm out. Good luck all smile
Just had to say .. as for the not wanting to ruin their bits.... I would rather have a baby come out of my vag (its actually designed for that) than have my c section overhang LOL
Bobbie4n, If you want/need a Cesarean then you go for it. I'm in Melb & went private so I cant actually offer up any useful advice.

All I'll say is I had an emergency Cesarean 5 months ago, & after much thought when it's time for baby #2 I'm pretty sure I'll elect to have a Cesarean. In my case I think I'll opt. for that to avoid the stress & trauma of another emergency C.

Best wishes!
I would just like to weigh in and say that as a first time expectant Mum I was told just yesterday at my first OB appointment that I have to have a C Section due to a previous fracture to my pelvis and I was shattered. I plan to still explore and discuss the option of a vaginal delivery as it is by far my preference. I think that you should be thankful that you have the option to decide because some of us do not sad
Hey, Sorry cant help you with any recommendations as I'm in NZ but I hope you get your cs!

I had an elective here and it was a challenge to find a specialist that didn't try to talk me out of it but luckily I found an awesome midwife who knew of a great OB who would do it for me. I have absolutely no regrets about getting a cs. My scar is so much lower than I expected (its about 2 inches under the hair line) and its not even noticeable. The recovery was fine too with no complications.

I really hope you find a great specialist and get the birth u are wanting!! Good luck!
Hey Bobbie4n,

Do what's right for you!
When i was Pregnant with my first my doctor was going to make me have a C-Section his reason was because i had narrow hips But i said no because i have every right to have a go at something females are meant to do. In the end he was right my Daughter was stuck behind my right hip bone (after almost 19 hours) i was rushed to have a Emergency C-section, Recovery wasn't bad. My second Daughter i chose to have an elective C-section even thou i was much more developed this time it felt right to me. Recovery was worse then being in labour( found out much later they cut my Bladder). My third daughter who was born last year was meant to be an elective c-Section but one day I couldn't get comfortable by the time it was 11 pm that night i couldn't take it any more ambulance rushed me to Hospital by time i got there i was 5 cm right there on the spot the midwife asked weather i wanted to go all the way but i said no C-section.

My Scar aint bad and its low so no one sees it, personally its another tiger stripe to me

best of luck for your big day ahead smile
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