Hi all,

I'm 20 weeks pregnant with my 3rd boy. At the moment i am seeing a OB because i am high risk as i have the mirena in with bubs. I have given birth naturally both times and i do agree that the recovery time after is very quick but i am suffering now wth lots of terrible pressure, pain and other tmi stuff..
My back ground with my boys.. ds1 i was induced (at my insistence) because i have one functioning kidney between the two. He was 9 pound but a ok labor but i hemorrhaged after but ended up fine.
Ds2 i went naturally and quickly but he then go stuck in my birth canal for nearly 3 hours!! Just crowning and going back up sad It was so traumatic!! With no pain relief.. He was 10 pound!! I was told by an OT that my ligaments would take years to repair.. I vowed never to have another baby!!
Fast forward to now, I had the mirena put in and i was apparently 1-2 weeks pregnant at the time!! After many medical professionals telling us it is basically a miracle the baby even survived the insertion we decided to go ahead with the pregnancy..
So here i am 20 weeks along with a very high risk pregnancy with the mirena, my kidneys and very high bp from early on (i am on anti hypertensives) and i asked my OB if i can have a caesar, he basically said with him yes ($2000 later) but i am entering the public system at 34 weeks and he seems to think i can deliver naturally, but i REALLY don't want to.
I know i may not even make it that far but..

Do you think they will give me a caesar if i ask?
And do you think i should contact the hospital earlier then 34 weeks to try and organise it with them?

I just keep stressing about giving birth and i want to know what will happen so i can prepare myself, if that makes sense.

Thanks everyone!!
Sorry for my long post and thanks for reading smile