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Care package for mum after c/s? Lock Rss

My cousin is having a c/s and I want to put together a care package that I can post to her as she is rural and I can't go over there. What should I put in it? What stuff would you have liked? Thanks! Xxx
muesli bars, magazines, hand cream, lip balm, 'treats' like chocolate or whatever she likes.
Maybe some new socks or slippers. nice shampoo. home baking (!!!).

I don't know, just practical but 'nice' stuff. I mostly appreciated stuff like the above that I could actually fathom USING while dealing with a newborn and the pain and immobility of a c section. I got some really lovely things like manicure, beauty therapy and massage vouchers but they just stressed me out because of their expiry dates and I didn't want to leave my new baby so I just ended up giving them away.
Great tips, thank you!!

Lol at the dried fruit! Brilliant!
OC1246 wrote:
Lol at the dried fruit! Brilliant!

as long as she remembers to clean her teeth afterward right? lol wink roll eyes wink
thanks! smile all sounds lovely!
I guess it depends what kind of mum she is, but I'd probably give a sling. If she has a capsule she won't be able to lift it in and out of car for a while and prams are awkward to lift in and out after surgery too.
I lived in the Bonds feeding tanks after ds3 and dd were born. Great for skin to skin when at home and good to wear under shirts when out.
The last friend i gave a care package too (after c/s) I gave a sling, made some lactation cookies and put them in a nice tin, some MooGoo soap and little bamboo socks. Some Lasinoh and cloth breast pads for mum.
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