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First baby - Elective caesarean Lock Rss

I've googled and searched this forum and found bits and pieces, but nothing that is relevant or recent. I'm just wondering g if there is anyone out there who has had an elective c section in the past few years, for their first child?
I'm currently 16 weeks with my first child and I'm researching as much as I can and will speak to my on tomorrow. I am going through the private system.

My partner wants me to have an elective c section, and I am considering an elective c section because of some anxieties that I have, that I can't shake. My partner is also somewhat nervous and anxious as well...mostly because I'm quite small in the hips and pelvic region (and just small full stop) and he himself is a big build, tall, broad etc. he also was a big baby and his mother has told us horror stories about his birth.

What are the steps people have gone through when deciding, and how long do you have to decide. Do I need to make the decision now, or can I make a decision at 25 or 30 weeks, or further down the track? Or is it essentially something that is going to be left up to my ob to decide?? It's not that I'm "too proud to push" as I have previously read elsewhere.... I have some genuine anxieties about all of it. And everything else I've read is based mostly on "physical medical conditions" but I'm just curious to know. And I'm open to receiving as much advice as I can because it is incredibly overwhelming.




I have not had them myself, but my SIL made this decision.

If you go through the public system it would be highly unlikely that they allow a csection without a medical reason to do so. However, if you saw a psychologist and discussed it with them, and they felt it was the best thing for your mental health then they may do one for you.

If you go through a private obs they may do it for you, some are more receptive to it than others, so I would do some research.

I don't want to preach at you, because I'm sure you will cop that where ever you turn. But you do need to consider the impacts on your future birth options, the risk of major surgery ect. Again, research, research. Being small doesn't mean you won't be able to give birth. I'm a size 8 and slim hipped, but both my kids practically flew out! No stitches, both with quick, drug free labours. Don't under estimate what your body can do, it's an amazing tool.

You've got plenty of time but rather than researching how to avoid giving birth you could spend the time working on overcoming your fears around childbirth. Have a look in your library or bookshop for "Birthing From Within" and "Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering" by Dr Sarah Buckley.
Thank you all for your messages. I don't think I'm researching so much how to "avoid" giving birth... I'm just purely considering all options of how I can give birth and make that decision based on what is best for me and for my baby. The reality is, my baby will be born, anxieties or not. There is no avoiding it. And I certainly wouldn't call anxiety as a "reason to avoid".... I don't consider it an excuse at all. And whilst I have suggested some reasons for my anxieties and for my partner's anxieties - those reasons certainly do not cover ever base either.

And I want to make that decision so that it can be the best option possible. I haven't made that decision yet, but I'm certainly not discounting the option of an elective c section, because some people think its a cop out or an easy way out. I do appreciate the advice and I will take it all on board. But I also respect that I do have the ability to choose - and that decision will be based on best interests of myself and my baby. And I certainly don't think of anyone any differently because they have made one decision or another.

I did today seek some advice from my obstetricion and we will discuss further down the track.

But I again, I do thank and appreciate everyone's advice thus far.

And Little Miss' - if you are able to provide me with any information, it would be very much appreciated.


Hi... I am having what is called an 'elective c-section' this friday with my first even though I dont actually get much choice in the matter.

I'm a small person myself but never thought I would have an issue with giving birth however at about 30 weeks my OB (and everyone else for that matter) started to notice that this baby might be on the bigger side. At 36 weeks my OB did all the measurements during a scan and it indicated that this baby is estimated to be 4.5kg at term which the OB decided was way too big for me to try and birth naturally without putting an increased risk on the baby's health and my health. I was actually quite upset and thought that I was taking the 'easy' way out and 'cheating out of childbirth and labour' until I researched all the facts and possibilities of what may happen when the baby gets 'stuck' due to it being too big and now I'm feeling better (still not great) about the c-section as I believe my OB is the expert in the matter and is only doing it for the benefit of the baby and my health.

So remember the ultimate outcome of pregnancy is a healthy and happy baby and mum so no matter what you decide or what happens that should always be the goal smile You have plenty of time to consider your options and speak with your OB. I have also found there are many more women out there who've gone through similar situations and they've kindly informed me that a c-section is definately not the easier option when it comes to recovery from childbirth.

Good luck, I'm sure you'll do what's best for you and the baby and try not to let other peoples opinions get you down. I think I've been my harshest critic so far so you may be surprised.

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