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VBAC Western Australia Lock Rss

Hi all! I have been away from the forum since having my first child, who was born via emergency csection.
I would like to try my hardest for a VBAC for number two, has anyone in WA been through/successfully done it? My questions are:
Did you do anything in particular to prep for the VBAC?
Which hospital did you attend?

I had a successful VBAC 22mths ago at Rockingham General. No special prep needed, I had a C-Section booked for 10 days after due date just incase baby didn't want to come as they can't induce you when you've had a prior C-section. Luckily for me my Daughter arrived naturally 3 days before the section naturally and without any dramas. My OB and the hospital were very positive about the VBAC and supported me all the way. Only tips or advice I would give is just to go with the flow, the baby will come one way or another and stressing will just make it worse. Best of luck too you for a successful VBAC smile
Not personally, but I think King Eddy has a good rep for VBAC. As for advice I guess the main thing is push for as little as possible intervention. No inductions, no drips or monitoring leads attached etc that might hinder your ability to move freely and also limit how often you submit to internals during the labour.
Hi there
Congrats on your pregnancy smile
I had a vbac in SA. I chose to have a homebirth.
I believe your best chance at success is by having a fully supportive team behind you. It doesn't matter where you actually do it.
My labour was very quick. My midwife arrived at my house when I was probably in transition, after only an hour or less of painful contractions. She held a Doppler to my belly and when she was satisfied all was well, she showed DH how to help me manage my contractions then she went to fill up the birth pool.
When she returned to the bathroom (I was labouring in the bath) she got me to check if I could feel baby's head, it was right there! I managed to waddle to the pool where I pushed out my DD in 17 mins.
A very straight forward delivery smile
I doubt I would've achieved a vbac if I wasn't completely confident in my support.
So I guess that's what I'm trying to get at... My first labour was long and full of unnecessary medical intervention. I really wasn't given much of a chance with my second, I was greeted with so much negativity the minute I stepped into the hospital. So I did it my way for number 3 smile
All the best smile

I am kitty wink

Hi, I had a vbac at joondalup public, totally accidental, I had a repeat cs booked at 39 2eeks but my waters broke at 36w5 and the ob on duty suggested I vbac, can't fault them
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