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Out of Pocket Expenses when going Private Lock Rss

I am newly pregnant and I am considering going private as I haveHBF private health insurance. I will probably go with Dr. Al Tamimi at Attadale Hospital. I had an emergency C-section when I delivered my first baby overseas and will opt for an elective C-section this time around as well.

Other than the pregnancy management fees,s, what other out of pocket costs are we talking about? (Anesthetic, etc??)..

I appreciate your feedback !

I thought i'd definitely respond to your post as i am going through this atm.
We are 35 weeks with #2 and going private and recently received our costing.
When signing up for our private health we made sure that we were covered completely for all relating to pregnancy and birth as we had a complicated birth resulting in an emergency c sec for #1.
We have only recently found out that we are going to be out of pocket just under $800 for our obgyn plus coming up with $960 which we claim some back from medicare. Slightly annoyed as you can imagine so i have looked into this.
So heres what i have found out which is useful for you...
Your out of pocket expenses depend on how much your obgyn charges and how much your private health has agreed to pay. There is an agreed limit to how much private health will cover... Your obgyn has the right to charge more than what the health insurer has agreed to pay across the board. Also there are 2 different item numbers (this is where we got caught out)
There is an uncomplicated delivery which includes vaginal birth and elected c sections... my priv health will only pay so much and i have to cover the gap... see above...
Then there is complicated delivery which includes emergency c sections and things like if you have gestational diabetes... where for instance my private health covers all costs.
So my advice is look into your costs early for your obgyn and call your insurer and see where you stand as each one is different. Good luck with everything smile
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