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C section or VBAC Lock Rss

Hi All,

Baby number 1 was an emergency c section after becoming stuck in my pelvis 23 hours into labour.
Now being pregnant with number 2, we have been given the option to try for VBAC or have another C-Section.
I am stuck in the middle, not quite sure which way to go, scared if i go VBAC and then end up having to have a c section, or should i just save ourselves the stress and go c section to begin with!
Any one with previous experience??

Thanks in Advance
I have had both. I was a mother that wanted to be natural and thought with my first I was going to endure it all but after 30 hours of non progression of labour I was given the Epidural to have forceps which failed and than whisk away to have an Emergency cesarean, a total of 36 hours. However having a two week stay in hospital after the birth due to complications of delivery from ulcers on the uterus and stomach, I was traumatized to go through that again.
So when baby boy 2 was coming, I was determined to have natural but my pain threshold wasn't coping so I requested epidural as soon as I got into the delivery suite, 4 hrs after my labour started. I was fully dilated but wasn't progressing the way doctors expected, so they gave me the option to try vacuum extraction with episiotomy (cut from top to bottom, so never the less I'm a Frankenstein thanks to my boys)
I'm now expecting baby no #3 and will try natural but know I will probably need assisted Vbac.
Do what your body can handle but the experience with Vbac is utterly amazing and rewarding, always listen to the doctors as they will have your' sand your baby health and well being as priority, as much as at the moment it doesn't totally feel like it.


Talk to your care provider about what exactly was the reason for the CS eg. lack of dilation or other reasons and discuss with a couple of care providers if you can who can give you differing views. I didn't dilate with my first and could have tried VBAC with my second but I chose not to following checking of my notes and discussion with my OB. As much as I would like to try VBA2C for my third, I know I won't be able to and as my body didn't even dilate for a (missed) miscarriage between baby 2 and baby 3, I deep down know that the OB is right to put me as CS for this birth.
I would book for a C Section, you will be better organised and wont have to deal with the stress and worry of things going wrong etc.
Yep I agree - Book a C Section. I had a similar my 1st boy was too big to fit past pelvis. As my 2nd son was looking a similar size, we were advised it was recommended.
It was very different experiencing, knowing exactly when it was all going to happen. The recovery was amazing. I felt like a million dollars within a day or two, compared to previously 2-3 weeks until I felt ok, just from pure exhaustion, and stress from it all. I talked to my Ob about my emotional needs, as I kind of felt like I failed as giving birth naturally. This is normal to feel a little...but i got past that, and was very happy with my decision. The incredible recovery time made it so worth it. Really did make it a more pleasant experience. But in saying that - it's a personal decision, and best to discuss with your OB etc. Good Luck!
Totally agree, book a c section smile Ill be definitely going another c section should we get pregnant again smile Personally think c sections are awesome, i recovered pretty quick with my first and was out walking within 5 days. Couldnt believe it.

Good luck xx
Your birth experience sounds similar to mine. If I have another, I'll go for an elective c-section. Best of luck in your pregnancy!
Hi there smile
Sorry your first labour was difficult.
I was in the same situation with my 2nd pregnancy, my 1st labour was awful. My DD was in an awkward position (posterior and presenting face first), I laboured at the hospital for almost 16 hours until DD went into foetal distress and the decision was made to have an emergency caesarean.
I decided to tto plan a VBAC, it wasn't an easy pregnancy and my OB constantly doubted my decision.
Fast forward to 41wks, I went into labour naturally however within a few hours of being at the hospital I was raced in for a repeat caesarean.
3.5 years after my 2nd c-section, I had a wonderful home water birth, less than 3 hours from the first twinge of a contraction to having my baby in my arms. The recovery was amazing!
Repeat caesareans are not the safest option.
I thought my recovery after my 2nd c-section was awesome.... Until I had a natural birth.
Research! Learn about your options.
All the best

I am kitty wink

My 1st was an emercency c and I went on to have 2 vbacs. Im now almost 20 weeks pregnant and going for another vbac. After experiencing both, there is no way id ask for another c, but thats my opinion. Your body has laboured once and may be successful this time and nothing beats holding ur baby within seconds of it being born.

Goodluck either way smile

My first was an emergency c section with my daughter posterior and stuck so after 34 hrs labour was rushed for a c section. I was given the option with my 2nd whether to have a planned c section or VBAC I ummed and ahhed the whole way through, I was very worried about it all happening again but anyway went into labour naturally and my 2nd daughter was born without any problems after 8 hrs labour. I would honestly say just go for it and try for a VBAC they have extra precautions to make sure everything is OK & recovery is AMAZING compared to a C-section. What helped me I think is I got one of those round exercise balls and leaned forward and bounced on that a good part of each day they say it really helps get bub into a good position. Good luck with your decision!
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