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Elective Caesarian in public system Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

So I'm 22weeks now was told today that my results from 20week scan are showing a low lying placenta now was doing abit of googling looks like most of these resolve themselves prior to term.

At the moment we are being told to expect to be getting booked in for a c-section which actually doesn't scare me as much as it probably should.

This is actually my 3rd pregnancy both so far have been vaginally & never been mentioned before a low placenta so have many people have had this where the placenta has moved correctly?

My 1st was a boy he was stillborn at 39+6 weeks still to this day I'm not sure I have ever fully recovered from just the trauma that we went through of labour! After much investigation it was found my husband has a deficiency that makes the placenta deteriorate a lot quicker than normal & there would be more problems with this condition with boys.

We have gone on to have a beautiful baby girl who was induced at 37 weeks due to similar complications arising. Being pregnant with a boy was always going to be special but also vert scary - I already have regular appointments at the hospital with the same Dr & monthly scans. So my Dr has mentioned being possible the placenta won't move requiring a c section. But now I am also considering if things did change if we would book an elective I know emotionally this would be a better option so planning on talking to our Dr at our next visit about what we will need to do to prove this is necessary I'm doing as much research as I can about just was after any advice or information to share on this.

Thank you,

Hi Erin. I had a low lying placenta too but it moved by itself before my bub came. I was in the public system for my booked c-section and it was great. My first child now almost 8 was an emergency c-section and I was in labour for 19 hrs before they said she was getting to distressed and c-section was required. This time (my 2nd now 5 mths) I chose to book in. The date was set which was a huge weight off my shoulders, my mum was able to book her holidays accordingly, and it was a comfortable experience compared to the first time.

A few things to note: if you want the skin to skin contact in the theatre you have to keep reminding everyone in the room...sound like a broken record!

Don't worry about seeing anything (unless you want to) and same thing...broken record.

As soon as the placenta is removed lactating occurs, so get the little tucker on there ASAP and again...broken record.

Good luck and hope this helps.
Fiona smile

If something is hard to do, then it must be worth doing. Never give up, life is for living, so get out there!

!!!GOOD LUCK!!! wink

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