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Inducing labour for vbac Lock Rss

Hi.. just wondering if anyone has had a successful induced vbac
My son was an emergency c section after being induced with the drip and having my water broken.... he was posterior and my pelvis was too small (his head being the wrong way could of contributed to that) ... so after hrs of only being 6cm I had a csection

Almost 7yrs have past and I decided to bite the bullet n go vbac for a faster recovery... have been doing everything to prevent bub going posterior... but im now 40+4 and because baby hasnt dropped they couldnt reach my cervix to do s s&s.... this leaves the gel only (asuming he has dropped by next appointment) They wont induce me with the drip incase the contractions are too intence and burst my existing scar (also cant have epidural because if something did go wrong I wouldnt feel it)

I feel completly defeated because ive read the gel isnt all that effective and all signs are pointing to another c section
Hi there smile
How are you feeling?

My MW gave me a S & S the night I went into labour. I was 15 days past my EDD and already 3cms. My waters started leaking about an hour later. I had been planning a home birth during my pregnancy but I went so over due that I booked a c-section for the next day.
Anyway, once my waters started leaking I got a bit achy in my back. Contractions started at around 11:15pm and my baby was born at 12:55am. A home water birth after 2 c-sections smile

When I was talking to my MW and the doctor at my backup hospital before I had my baby, the only way they would've induced was with a s & s and if my cervix was dilated they might have been able to have broken my waters, that was all they could do, no gels or synto drip.

All the best!
Hope you're holding your baby soon

I am kitty wink

Hey thanks for the reply,.. 15days over... I duno how u could wait that long, im so impatient lol
It doesn't feel like baby had dropped yet (fingers crossed he has by next appointment) ... ive been bouncing on an exercise ball and walking but maybe his head is too big for my pelvis so its why he cant engage or something

I had a little look on some forums and some doctors had no problems using the synto drip but a very mild dosage (my hospital already said they wont) but they could offer the gel (still doesn't help me if he hasn't dropped tho sad )

im trying to let the idea of another c section grow on me but I was just so determined to atleast try natural but the longer hes in there the more im thinking another c section is going to be the end result anyway
My baby never engaged or dropped until I went into labour and once labour started it was quick!
Getting on all fours and giving the floor a scrub helped get my baby out of the posterior position and ready for birth.
Have a bath, enjoy those last moments with your baby happily nestled up in your belly. Relax! Accept the process. They come when they're ready.
All the best fir the birth. You can do it!

I am kitty wink

Hey sorry it took me so long to reply...

Went to appointment on thursday and because I was coming up to 10days over they said I either book a c section for the next day or come in everyday for monitoring over the long weekend and if no labour c section on Tuesday..... I chose to go c section the next day (he was laying with his back on my right side but still way too high)
Went into labour that night, contractions only 5mins apart... Went to hopsital and they said they were happy to see if I progressed so I could have a vbac (I was having a back labour again n said I was happy to continue with the c section lol) but as I was standing there my water broke so they waited 4hrs to see if bub dropped etc but I only got to 2cm.... had the c section and even tho he hadn't dropped he had gone posterior. ... and was a massive 9.9 pounds!!! As the Dr was sewing me up thry told me flat out not to try vbac again because its how my body is built.. but hey atleast I tried n it turns out my body does know how to go into labour naturally lol
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