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Emergency caesarean - are you always put under? Lock Rss

Hi all,

I am booked in for a caesar because bub is breech but as i have a subseptate uterus room is quickly running out and my ob thinks he will come early.
I'm upset by the thought I may have to be asleep during the birth, do they always put you under GA for an emergency caesar?
I have a septate uterus and both my bubs have remained breech. I have had two c-sections, one emergency and one normal one and both I just had needle in the back and therefore was awake for both.
Thanks ladies, reassuring! I'll be talking to my ob next week about my concern smile
Thankyou for your story smile
They usually always do a spinal block for C-sections. I was an exception, as my spine has been fused from the lumber to half way up my back. For 3 of my C-sections my specialist didn't even want to attempt to do a spinal so I was put under a GA. With my last the specialist was convinced he could do a spinal block. After 30 mins of him poking and proding around, he was defeated. He wasn't able to get the spinal in and under GA I went again. It is really hard when you have a GA as you are not allowed to have a support person in the room, so df has not seen any of girls being born. Also you have to recovery and could take a while to wake up. With my last bub I was still groggy until around 6pm and I had bubs at 10.40 in the morning. So I wasn't comfortable holding her, and by then her grandma and aunty had all cuddled. Really hope that you end up having a GA smile

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