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does a caeser affect breastfeeding Lock Rss

has anyone found a caeser affected their breastfeeding?? I have a pacemaker and a medical issue which is leading me down the caesarean route for peace of mind and safety reasons and was wondering if it affects breastfeeding and milk coming in'??

I've had two ceaser's, one emergency and one elective, and neither time have I had an issue breastfeeding. My firstborn (emergency) had no skin to skin with me for an hr or so, until I got back to my room, but she fed for almost 14months. And my second (elective) I had a cuddle with him in theatre, then we had skin to skin contact as soon as we got into recovery, he has been feeding for 13months now.
I don't recall my milk being affected, I had plenty with both babies. I do think though its an individual thing, I know mums that have had natural/ceasers and had issues breastfeeding...
Hope that helps a little smile
I had this fear when I thought I was going to have a c sec. My midwife assured me that a c section doesn't affect your colostrum or milk coming in. The hormones required for colostrum are kicked in when your placenta is removed (naturally or otherwise) and stimulated by baby to breast which I think then kick starts the hormones for your milk coming in about three days later. smile

I had an emergency c section, so now contact for an hour or so. My little girl is 11 months old now and still breast feeding. Had no problems.
Thanks ladies. Thats awsome to hear. I loved breastfeeding my first and hope to do the same with this one.

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