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Logan public system vs mater public system Lock Rss

Hi all
I was told to have no more as I had a premmie and I have had 4 csections however I was surprised and devastated to find out that I was pregnant.

I live very close to Logan hospital but have heard lots of bad stuff about their public system eg: u have to share a room with 8 people and a bathroom, hallways packed with stuff, nurses don't medicate u on time , don't check on u, sit in bloody sheets etc . I have delivered all of my babies (3 pregnancies private and 1 public) at the mater but I know they have cracked down on who they take if not in the catchment area.

I'm wanting to go public but get a private room with my health insurance.
Any advice or experience would be great
My last pregnancy was terrible as I had Placenta Previa. I went into labor at 26 weeks which they managed to stop thankfully. I was shipped off to the Mater from the Redlands many times during my pregnancy but was told if they didn't have a bed I'd be sent to Logan instead.

The midwife said even though the hospital itself has a bad rap they have top notch prenatal care and fantastic baby care facilities. I have had a few friends who have their babies at Logan and were very surprised by the high quality of care provided.
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