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Did you (or do you want to) have an elective c-section? Lock Rss

Tell us your story!
I am currently at the beginning of my second trimester in my second pregnancy. During the birth of my first LO, after a very intense and long labor, an emergency C-section was needed. There was no way on earth my 4.5kg baby was coming out the conventional route!
To cut a very long (and traumatic) story short the labor, birth and then after care at the hospital was unpleasant. I was even told by the senior doctor on the maternity ward that I was a "disappointment" as I had a general anesthetic for the C-section as I had a complete meltdown on the operating table - from the get-go with my midwife I had stated that I am not good with surgical procedures on myself and would need heavy sedation or to be knocked out should it come to an emergency C-section. These wishes were not adhered to or defended during the labor process.
This time I have a lot of apprehension for the birth. I am having an elective C-section - my husband is a very tall/large/well-built/house of a man and I have ridden horses all my life and therefore have a very strong perineum - therefore I am not prepared to risk enduring the trauma, both for me and baby, that was the first birth.
The decision for a surgical birth is not that popular. It seems that every media article and everyone I speak too is an advocate for a natural birth. I was and would be too but I honestly do not think I can physically "do it". The C-section seems as taboo as mum's who "do not want to breast feed". I think the essence is no different... Some of us CANNOT do these things.
My beautiful sister, mum of two, two natural births... She cannot breast feed. Me, birthing failure, CAN breast feed - or at least I did last time and I intend to try this time.
In an ideal world we all have straight forward births and breastfeed our healthy babies and all live happily ever after. This is not reality.
We need to celebrate mothers and babies no matter how they get here or how they are fed. Us women are creating life, which I feel is pretty miraculous in it's self. Women are AMAZING and should be supported no matter what their decisions.
So when the know-it-all warriors are tsk-tsking at me for not giving a natural birth a try I just smile and self-assuredly stick to my guns because I know what is right for me and I know what is right for my babies.
this is my second and im planning an elective csection. 44hrs of labour with my first which ended in an emergency csection anyway. I wasn't prepared for it, my family had to take sick leave to help out after etc etc, this time I want to cut the trauma and be prepared. I suffered post traumatic stress following the birth and whilst a csection is not ideal, I don't care. and when ive had anyone say anything even remotely negative about my decision, I tell them I don't care and I will not go through what happened last time and risk my baby again.
most people don't say anything if you are strong with your decision and seem to be making an informed choice.
im no less a mum by having surgery, in fact, I see myself as strong given im sacrificing weeks of independence and shopping to get my baby here the safest way I know my body can handle. to me, that is what being a mum is all about.
Don't feel u r a failure I have had 8 c section and I get a bit of hassle from mid wifes it started at fetal distress to bub been over 9 pounds to not wanting to come out
I will be having c/s 5 in about 6-7 weeks. With our first LO I had PE and my Obs didn't even let me try for a natural birth as he said Baby was still "Floating" According to them I had an elective c/s at 38 weeks to delivery our girl. With our second baby he said nope straight up c/s, so he was born at 39 weeks. With bubs 3 and 4 I had emergency c/s as they came at 37w 5 days and 37w 6 days and my waters broke in both pregnancies but I was not allowed to resume with a vaginal birth incase I didn't progress. With bubs #5 I'm just having a c/s.

Chelle, Pth,
DD 2006, DS 2008, DS 2012, DS 2013
Baby #5 due November 2016.

Hi ladies, this is my 9th bubba 7 Straight forward Vaginal Births and number 8 Emergency C-Sec as I was induced at 38wks because of GD, however the Ballon ddnt work and breaking of the waters ddnt either so onto the drip I went, usually my labours and births are onli a few hours but my last bubba wasn't coping after 20hours worth of contractions and I was just sitting at 4 Cm's, I knew something was wrong as every contraction I had her HB dropped to around 60-80 so Dr's said I needed C Sec, turned of drip n went into theatre... It turned out Tht DD8 had the cord wrapped around her neck 3 times hence the reason her HB was dropping with every contraction coz she was actually being strangled... Anyway had a very happy ending.. After 7 vaginal births n then a c-sec Tht was different for me but I'm glad I experienced it... I'm hvn an elective c-sec this time so I can also hve my tubes tied at the same time...
i definitely want to have an elective c section. But i am feeling afraid to just come out and ask.

I am currently 31w with my second (first is 11months old now soon to be 1yrs). And I have recently been diagnosed with SPD which is giving me alot of pain! From what I have read they don't do elective c sections BECAUSE of SPD alone. The pain itself is debilitating as many women on these forums also know. It has been Causing me to have to rely on my also pregnant sister (who already has 4 kids) to help me look after my son as I don't have any other family members who are close enough or even friends who are close enough to help. not just that but i dont like leaving my son with anyone. My son has to trust them. I want to elect to have a c section because of my after care. I am concerned about the risks SPD poses to me birthing vaginally (ive had one vaginal birth) ... i.e. if i am already in so much pain ... and have to birth vaginally I am scared that the pressure on my already fragile pelvic joints is going to cause me to need crutches or wheelchair after birth. I know that is worst case scenario but it is a common one from my research. I have a few friends who have been in my position and who have needed wheelchairs after birth. They were lucky as they had many people around them to support them after birth. Where as i wont. I will have myself and my husband basically. And my husband works from home but he can only do so much with 4-5 weeks leave after baby. I think this was being reduced to 3 wks soon due to some massive work project that he has to commit to. I know that there is a recovery from c/s also however ... out of the two evils, I prefer recovery from a c/s then a broken pelvis. Where I wont even be able to pick up my children or get my son to preschool.

I want to elect to have a c/s to avoid ANY chance of my pelvis separating completely. Ive done alot of c section research to help me understand exactly what it is that I am thinking about doing. Ive changed MWs also as my first MW (who was also the same for my first born) i think wouldve tried to talk me out of a c/s and i just felt like I wouldnt of got ALL of the information I needed from her t make my decision.

My other reasons are my first birth experience left me extremely depresed afterwards and in a state of shock for a long time after - like i kept thinking what the hell did they do to me? I was induced with my first which is pretty standard now days. But i was left to be monitored by a hospital mw only and my actual mw turned up late in my labour only to deliver my son. I never saw any of her backup midwives etc. Just had a hospital mw only. The hospital mw kept ramping up the pitocin and basically making me feel stupid for being in incredible pain. Making comments like "just stand still!" .. .I was moving through each contraction and she made me feel like i was irritating her with the way I was coping with the pain. I refused to get on the bed and stay on the bed and said .. if you want to monitor my babys heart beat then get me a mobile monitor. Or check every so often. I am not staying on the bed. I said that before any contractions had begun ... so part of me wondered if the rest of my care throughout my labour was influenced by my assertiveness around not being bed-bound only.

Throughout my labour, the pitocin levels were so high I couldn't say a word. didnt feel conscious most of the time. I know they were high because i heard another hospital MW make a comment about it. Asking where I was in my labour As there very little pauses between contractions - they were one on top of another. Could feel one come up, then go down and as the first was going down the next one was coming up. She also examined me whilst i was having a contraction despite me saying No I am having a contraction ... and she even stretched my cervix mid contraction ... i felt like i was dying. Because I couldnt talk the control was taken away from me and I couldnt say what i wanted to happen to my body. I finally had a few seconds of breath and consciousness (i purposefully pulled back off the gas to speak) i yelled at her ... epidural! When i got the pain relief finally, i asked her what did you do to me? she just shrugged. I just dont want that experience ever again. It messed with me so much. So there is THAT reason AS WELL as the risks of birthing again vaginally and the potential of my pelvis separating. I just want to have a say 100% about what happens to my body. I don't want to feel like i am not in control and I certainly don't want to be induced and left to be monitored by someone who clearly has no respect for me, the birthing process or what my body and baby are trying to do!

Considering you ladies have been in situations where you have also "gone against the grain" and decided on elective c sections - what are your thoughts?
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