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What can I do to go back to having a flat belly 17 months after pregnancy? Lock Rss

Hi i had a baby girl 17 months ago now and I have tried everything to get rid of my flabby belly and I am really self concious about it.. I just want my flat belly back.. I had a emergency c section because my daughter was stuck and also 9 pound 3... Please help
Depending on how financial you are - I have only the one recommendation I have seen personally.
An ex-friend of mine, she got pretty huge after her bubs.
Anyways, so, she got to the stage where she couldn't handle it anymore and said game over, this weight has to go. Fair enough.
So I personally have never tried weight loses or tone ups etc and haven't really known a lot of people to use them but she stands out because of the sheer effectiveness that I saw whilst she did this.
The Michelle Bridges one. Two week something. Google it.
She followed the exercise routine and the food plan and holy heck did it work. She lost HEAPS of weight! So yeah i'd have to recommend it but only if you CAN follow a routine because this other mutual friend of oours signed up for it and was lazy as heck and didn't do nothing for her. You got to follow the routine. But SO worth it.
We've some tips to get you started here:

As mentioned above, Michelle Bridges' Two Week Challenge is a great healthy way to kick start weight loss as well:

Good luck!
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