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Elective Caesarean - when and what to tell the kids Lock Rss

I am booked in for an elective Caesarean with my 3rd baby and we have decided to keep the date a secret from family/friends (just as we did with DS baby#2) so we can still surprise everyone with the news.

The kids will both be in care/school at the time I am booked in so no need to arrange anyone to care for them but I'm wondering if we should be telling the kids that the baby is coming that day. I don't want them to feel anxious waiting all day (Particularly DD who is 6) but I also don't want them to feel left out... hoping someone has some advice on what I should do.
Hi again, realised how rude I am not saying 'Hi' first as I am new to this forum.

I am 32, currently 30 weeks pregnant with baby #3.
1 DD who is 6 Years Old
1 DS who is 3 Years old
I am not sure of the answer, but I would probably look at it from this pov to change perspective - if you weren't having a cs then the kids wouldn't know the date in that instance either, and I'm not sure if a 6 year old would understand the distinction, or actually put it together that you know that you and Dad did know bub was coming, so may not know enough to feel left out.

I'm not sure that sentence even makes sense of what I am trying to say. Basically...

Could you just not even mention afterward that you knew bub was coming on that day, and just give the impression it was a surprise for you all?

That way she won't be feeling anxious all day waiting for news, they won't accidentally spill the beans to others (I know my 5.5yo would struggle containing that excitement!), and they still won't feel left out of it.
Thanks that is a very helpful answer! I think i'm overthinking it slightly smile

Yes probably best not to tell her beforehand and wait until my husband picks them up to bring them in afterwards!

Thanks again!
Personally I would tell the kids. Being something they are included in and excited toward is special for the whole family .

I my first 2 were elective C-section and 3 baby was Emergency (as she decide she could not wait a few more days until I 3rd booked c-section). All

I agree I would tell your children that mummy is going into hospital to have another baby and that they are going to be big Sister and Brother. I would not tell them the date as little children has a unfortunate tendency to slip up in the excitement. I agree that you hubby should tell them when he picks them up that you have had the baby, and that make it special when they get to go home and get ready to meet there new brother or sister.

If you give the older children jobs to help you with like setting up for the baby; i.e helping put new things together or pulling out old thing and cleaning them up. Setting up an area like a cot; leaning bottles (if your not breast feeding) washing cloths. they wont feel left out. I would tell my daughters all the time that there new sister was going to be so lucky to have the best big sisters because of how much they helped mummy. But mine are close together as well. When Indiana was born, Scarlett was 3 1/2 and Georgia was 2 and 2 months.
But both of them wanted to help me and I never stopped them, and I am grateful for that as they are the best of friends even now and they are 4,3 and 8mth.

Good luck,
Go with the flow and what ever works.
Sometimes the easiest thing is just to do what is simple.

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