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Periods after caesarean Lock Rss

Sorry for TMI
4 months post c section bottle feeding since a week old, had my first period 5 weeks pp 2nd was 2 weeks late painful first day otherwise pretty normal, 3rd 2-3 weeks late extremely painful first day hardly bleed which usually heaviest day 2nd day still painful and back to normal bleeding
Could this be from my c section or possibly something else anyone experienced something similar with answers
Trying to get into a doctor
After every pregnancy, your body changes and behaves differently. So change in the pattern of periods is not an exception. It does happen many times that the cycle is changed and disturbed for awhile but then settles with the passage of time. But still, if you are not comparing it’s always best to take doctors advice.
Hey there Mikayla! Heavy periods after C section are common they actually are partly due to the surgical incision during the procedure and the repair of the uterine wall. It's also painful and heavy because of the hormonal imbalances. And nothing to worry about, most women face irregular cycles after pregnancy. But there are other things which may be affecting your cycles, such as stress, weight gain or loss, and wrong diet, but don't worry it will get back to normal soon. But if it's getting too heavy, see your doctor, don't just sit around doing nothing ok love. Stay strong!
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