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Hey everyone, how are you all? I am new on this forum. Please tell me how to deal with PCO's? I am so much worried. My sister in law came to know about this and she is trying to make an issue. A serious issue. Would I love getting more and more solutions to deal with my problem? Can I get pregnant with this? Actually, I cant go to doctors because it will create the other issue with my in-laws. My husband has gone out of the city a month before and he will come after 3 months. My periods are very painful. Cramping is like always be a partner. Please help me. Sorry for forcing but I really need a help.
Hi Pialara
It sounds like you should see a general practitioner to talk through what is happening for you.
I wish you all the best.
Living with PCOS can sometimes be a daunting responsibility. Many of the side effects created by the illness such as adult acne, weight gain, infertility, and extreme facial or body hair can be tricky to control. The emotions associated with acting one's self to the people when facing such difficulties.

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Hey there! I think the ladies are right. You should consult with a general practitioner about it. It’s a good move though that you are asking around. I hope someone with experience will share their insights. I wish you all the very best. Please share the updates. Hugs!
Hi, welcome to the forum. You will definitely find some good comments full of support here. In my opinion and as per some stories in my life, PCOS can be cured and a woman can even get pregnant after that. Would you like to share some family history of yours? Your sister in law has no right to your decisions and even your choices. She should just stick to her family and care about them. It saddens me to see people poking their noses into other lives. Why cannot everyone mind their own business, is this difficult to do. Do talk about this matter with your husband and tell him clearly about everything. There are so many alternatives to infertility now, surrogacy, IVF etc. Success stories are also quite high if you check out the google. One of my far away relatives went through surrogacy as the lady was not willing to sacrifice her figure. The surrogacy was scheduled in a clinic in Ukraine. It took a period of 12 months for my cousin to finally hold their son.
Hi, It is estimated that polycystic ovarian syndrome affects about 8-10% of women of reproductive age. It is very common. So, you are not alone on this issue. A large number of women are having this problem but still, they get pregnant. Though the infertility rate with polycystic ovaries is very high, these women usually will have difficulty getting pregnant but treatment is present to improve chances for pregnancy. You must go to the doctor. It is not such a disease that is incurable. If your sister in law is making this issue let her do her own work. You consult your doctor as early as possible. Your doctor may prescribe the fertility drug Clomid to help you conceive, with or without metformin. The combination of clomid with metformin often helps women with PCOS get pregnant more quickly than by just using metformin alone. This medication may help you ovulate if you are not ovulating. If you do not want to go to a doctor then exercise. Exercising regularly is another positive step that women with PCOS can take to increase her chances of getting pregnant. Exercise plays a role because it helps a woman lose weight and keep it off, which helps regulate her hormones and minimize the symptoms that lead to infertility, such as anovulation.
Hi there. How are you? I am sorry to hear the words. I totally understand your feelings. PCO's can be better manage rather than be treated. They can mostly be managed by good diet. They can also be managed by enhanced physical activity. My cousin was diagnosed with PCO's last year. She conceived her baby by IVF. Btw there are different medications or painkillers for such cramps? Are you on medication? Let's see what doctor suggests you? You can consult a doctor online through social media. I wish you all the best. Take care of your diet and health.
Well, you can try to deal with them by getting good medicines of course. Don't think what they told you. Don't care about anything that they said. It's your health and your life. Try to convince and involve your husband with you. That is best for you. Take care allot dear. Best of luck.
Hi dear. I totally understand your situation. Some in-laws are really terrible. The only way to deal with them is to ignore. You should be worried about your husband only. Take care of him. Go to a good doctor. Get yourself checked. If PCOs can be treated then get the treatment. There are many cases when women get pregnant. You should not lose hope. Instead, you should be strong enough to deal with it. I am sure your problem will be solved. Do not give attention to your in-laws. They will only create the fuss. Stay calm and relax. All the best to you.
Dear Pialara! PCOs is not the only cause of being unable to conceive. As there are many women around me who have PCOs but are mothers. If treated properly you can conceive. I don’t know you your sister-in-law is making such a big issue of a thing that is not in your control. I mean you didn’t ask for PCOs. Another thing is that you have to go to the doctors to treat your PCOs. kindly there are not home remedies for everything
Greetings, It is assessed that polycystic ovarian disorder influences around 8-10% of ladies of conceptive age. It is exceptionally normal. Along these lines, you are not the only one on this issue. Countless are having this issue yet at the same time, they get pregnant. In spite of the fact that the fruitlessness rate with polycystic ovaries is high, these ladies more often than not will experience issues getting pregnant however treatment is available to enhance chances for pregnancy. You should go to the specialist. It isn't such an infection, to the point that is hopeless. On the off chance that your sister in law is influencing this issue to give her a chance to do her own particular work. You counsel your specialist as ahead of schedule as could be expected under the circumstances. Your specialist may endorse the richness tranquilize Clomid to enable you to imagine, with or without metformin. The blend of clomid with metformin frequently enables ladies with PCOS to get pregnant more rapidly than by simply utilizing metformin alone. This drug may enable you to ovulate on the off chance that you are not ovulating. In the event that you would prefer not to go to a specialist at that point work out. Practicing routinely is another positive advance that ladies with PCOS can take to build her risks of getting pregnant. The exercise assumes apart since it enables a lady to shed pounds and keep it off, which manages her hormones and limit the manifestations that prompt fruitlessness, for example, anovulation.
Well, I need you to be strong for now. I know it's difficult and more difficult that you don't have your husband. Anyway! Just calm down right now. I think you should talk to someone else in your blood relations mother, sister or someone who could understand. Otherwise, you'll have to wait till your DH. But, more importantly, you should go and see your doctor. Your medical condition is more important than opinions of people. I don't want you to feel pain or any regret later. Just make people around you understand or be strong enough to make a decision of own. Take care! Stay blessed. I hope it goes better for you.
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