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I am on my third pregnancy..... AND ITS GIVING ME HELL......

I have two girls already and their pregnancy time was compared to this EASY!!!!!!

i am only 9 weeks going on 10....... i cant eat - my appetite is gone, dairy food is a no-no (with the girls thats all i wanted) the only thing i can eat is a Salad sandwhich (THANKS TO SUBWAY:) and i have constant pains all over my 'BABY-STOMACH' area.

My doctor has said it nothing to worry about, its normal (but i heard that when i said my stomach wasnt right after my second one --- half the placenta was still there)
My family says its cause its your third one.....


What do you think??????????

Hi Young Mum

I can certainly relate to your problem. I am amazed when people are surprised that they have a pain when they are pregnant, as I seem to have pains all the time. I have now learnt to live with it (third pregnancy at the moment) and realise that even though the pains feel very suspect, they are just my ligaments and muscles trying to protest. My ovaries also get a bit sore and that can feel like a pain right across the lower abdomen.
I would agree that you might be having a boy and the hormones could be creating havoc with you. I had a boy first and then when I had a girl the same thing happened, morning sickness was terrible and lasted til 20 weeks, and I was exhausted all the time.
However, if you still feel that things aren't right, I would definately push for an early ultrasound just to check things out....
All the best

Carmel,Vic, 2 and counting...


Have you thought about going to another doctor to get a second opinion?

are you seeing an ob?

good luck I hope you feel better soon

melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months

I got my referal on the weekend and all my blood test/ and PAP results ...... show nothing........

The doc. said to wait 3 more weeks to get past the "morning sickness" period and if pains still occuring then we'll do a ultra sound....

All week this week i have had swallen feet and my pains a more uncompfortable then hurtful....... The doc. said i should take it easy,,,,, but thats a bit hard when working Full time.....................

Im not tired which is weird...... i have enimea(lake of blood cells), so you could imagine how run down i should be but this one i just cant sleep...... and when i do feel tired i cant lay down.......

Its all weird!!!!!!!!!! My first two were so easy I WISH THIS ONE COULD BE THE SAME.......
Hi Youngmum

I had the exact same feeling when I was preggas with my second I already had a boy & everyone said my second was going to be a girl as I had all the pains & my pregancy was so different they say it's the change in hormones & believe me they were right I had a beautiful baby girl it was all worth it.I was sick for 7.5 months with her

So Good Luck & hang in there.
When are you due?
I would love to know what you have keep in touch

I am due around the 15th of September, still got ages to go................

I am hoping for a boy...... So hopefully this hurting will become want we want:)

But either way we will be happy...............

Ive still been sick lately, its mainly uncompfortable feelings now,,,,,,,and its so confusing they have changed everything alot since i had the girls... so when it comes to appointments its like im having my first baby all over again......

When did use go for your first ultrasound????????
I want to find out what the bub is straight away.... with the girls i had my first u/s at 11 weeks, but the doc is saying "No not until 18weeks"

Hi Youngmum

I had both my ultrsounds at 18weeks & found out the sex of the baby both times.So just ask & they say if they can't tell its a girl but if legs are open usually a boy but who knows.
Good Luck & keep in touch

Well hi bec,,,,

i think everythign is starting to calm down......

a little i have still been sick (ewww... you know that dry reach)

i have changed my diet to go with the babies likeings..... IM EATING HEALTHY!!! its actually refreshing though..... ive been getting tired, but with the diet i getting tired a little bit later in the afternoon..... i guess thats good cause i work full time...........

I want to find out what this one is, but my other half he doesnt really want to .... he has his hopes on a boy,,, but i know he''l be happy none the less..
I found out with my first, but not with my second everyone told me it was a boy for no# 2 but i knew its a girl.........
its weird how you can tell...... did you get that feeling??????

No I didn't know about dry reach i only knew about VOMIT (HA HA) and that still didn't make me feel any better believe me.
I thought I was having a girl as my preganacy was soooooooooooo different.

Speak soon

HA HA i wish i would have the VOMIT thing........

Ive actually been quite good over the weekend i left work early and ended up at the hospital on friday........ they have a feeling it could actually be my stomach doing everything!!!

im going in for a full check up on the 11th March so hopefully they find everything........

My eldest daughter tied her own shoe lace last night, and she is only 4.......... IM LOOSING MY BABY:(sadsadsad She is growing to quick for my likeing smilesmile she said when the baby comes "IT" has to call her MUM and me AUNTY (LOL)
My youngest wants a boy so we can call him "SNOOP DOGG" (LOL- THATS MEANT TO BE HER BOYFRIEND) Im loving how accepting the girls are of the baby ......

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