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Anyone TTC in Jan 08 Lock Rss


I just received AF today after TTC in December, just wondering if anyone else is TTC in Jan?

Have been TTC #1 after m/c and d&c in August. Only took three months of TTC when I became pregnant and had m/c. Have been trying ever since d&c and no luck at all.

Hi Karen..
Im so sorry to hear u got AF! I still havent got my AF yet, but im not holding much hope for a BFP. I just dont have "that feeling", like i did with my other pregnancies sad

I soooooo wanted to be preg again sad

So yeah- just getting in early *to reserve the comfy seat near the bar * lol!

Hope the rest of your week goes as well as can be expected,and u manage to enjoy your xmas mate!

*****Heres to HEAPS AND HEAPS of baby dust for Jan 08!!*****

Raych xxoo

hi Karen
I will be joining u for jan 08

I just got my af today ive been ttc for 2 and half years o hopefully jan is my month


I will be joining you lovely ladies in Jan. AF is definatley on the way:( Hopefully wont have to join the TTC in Feb thread when that one starts. Gyno is going to give me a helping hand in Jan and hopefully that works.
Hi Ladies,

Thanks for joining in, I'm sure we all wish that we were in the pregnant thread but here's hoping that the new year and January is the month. I have most of January off work on holidays so I'm hoping that I'll be nice and relaxed so this will help ttc.
I'm so sorry to hear that you've been ttc for over 2 years Simone, I will be definitely sending you all the baby dust in the world.
I went to the gyno on Thursday and he seems to think that I may have had another m/c in November. As it happen so early he can't be sure, so now I'm wondering if something is wrong and I won't be able to have children. He wasn't that concerned about it so I guess I shouldn't worry and just keep ttc. Have to see him again in March.
I've just got a maybe baby and I'm going to use this in January to see if it can help things along.

Has anyone else used this?

Merry Christmas to you all and best of luck in Jan 08!
Lots of baby dust to everyone!
Oh yes, we will be joining you as well. Yet again... this will be our 14th month of trying and Im a little bit over it all at the moment. We just had a month off due to having an invasive test (dr didn't want me to fall pregnant afterwards) so I have enjoyed having a month off from all the pressure. Hopefully the reduced stress will make it work this month. (fingers crossed
Hi girls, i'll most probably be joining you. I'm due in a week but feel like AF is coming already! Might have a shorter cycle this time around.

We've been TTC for 6 months after a m/c in end of june. So fingers crossed we all get BFPs soon!
I'm BACK af over and already on cd9, god I hope it happens fast, since I had my 1st mc back in sept I am a bit nervous and this time when it happens I will be shotting my mouth off. well better go kids playing with there loot, so funny watching hubby dave play with all matts cars etc

awww marie thats great to hear you are back on board! im still here lol
Hi Ladies,
We are not ttc anymore but would love to stay and chat if thats ok with everyone? I enjoy hearing about everyone else who is ttc and hope you all get your BFP's very soon!

Aww Maria, thats really sad. Hope you are alright with it!! Hope you had a great christmas too smile xxx
We jumped the gun a bit in Dec, but I don't think I'm preggers yet... so bring on January! We're trying to "prepare" things early this time, and DF just let me buy a gorgeous newborn baby outfit from pp from the boxing day sale, so I'm cooing over that stuff right now tongue

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