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Can anyone give me some advice who have had a similar experience. I was 12 and a half weeks pregnant and having my nuchal translucency ultrasound when they discovered that I had no baby. I think they call it a blighted ovum, sac placenta but no baby. Has this happened to anyone else and if so how long did it take to concieve after. I feel so sad and disappointed.
I know exactly how you feel! I had an U/S at 11 weeks with my first pregnancy and there was no heart beat, but sac and placenta were there. I think it would have been alot harder if I had seen a heart beat, then on the next U/S not. There were signs but being my first pregnancy I did not realise. I had brown spotting since 6 weeks, but because it wasn't red blood I thought it was nothing. I had nausea as well so I felt that things were OK. It took me about 6 months to get pregnant again, but I have endometriosis so it might not take you as long. Its mother nature's way I believe. However it is very scary because you worry so much with the next pregnancy. In fact I did not enjoy the first 12 weeks with my second pregnancy but I now have a beautiful boy who is 10 months. They did an U/S at 6 weeks with this baby and then again at 10 weeks. They should do the same for you. Don't worry, it will happen again and everything will be fine. Best wishes.

Jo mum of 3

I had a similar experience about 3 1/2 years ago. Only I hadn't had an ultrasound yet. I was 11 weeks pregnant and started bleeding, my GP gave me a referral for an ultrasound, by the time I got there I had lost a lot of blood, and the radiographer said there was a sac but no baby and it only looked the size of a six week pregnancy - so I must have passed half of it, she also wrote in the notes that it was consistent with a blighted ovum. My GP said I would have to have a curette but as it was late in the day not to worry about it until the next morning, as I was a public patient and had to go through the emergency dept. As it turned out I ended up in a lot of pain and had to go in that night to have it done anyway. My GP said as long as I was happy to I could try to conceive again in a couple of months. Emotionally I wasn't ready to though and I waited about 1 1/2 years and then it took me about 5 or 6 months to conceive now I have the most healthy 8 month old boy. The hardest thing for me with the miscarriage is that we'd told our families and everyone kept going on and on about it - especially my husband's family - if it wasn't for that I think I would have tried again earlier. When we found out I was pregnant with my son we were over the moon - however we didn't tell anyone until I was about 15 weeks which coincided with Christmas.

If you feel up to it there is no reason why you shouldn't try again. I wish you all the best!

This just happened to me last week. I'm 25, It was my first ever pregnancy and I had no idea anything was wrong. I had some brown spotting on and off from from about 7 weeks but no pain or anything and on all other counts I felt pregnant so thought nothing of it. Then early last week (11.5 weeks along) I began to have some cramps at first they weren't too bad but my husband convinced me to go to the doctor. She had an ultrasound done straight away and they saw the same thing. A sac etc.. but no fetal pole and no heartbeat. They explained it was a blighted oum (also known as anembryonic pregnancy). I didn't understand how I could have felt so pregnant but not had a little baby in there.
Anyway, A few days later the cramping returned in full force and I miscarried. On returning to the doctor they said it had not all gone and I had to have a D+C done, which they did straight away. I'm glad the care I got was good and they explained thigs clearly.They said there is no reason why I couldn't concieve again immediatly but to wait about 3 months for the body to fully heal and return to normal.
I am in this with you and feel disapointed, mad and emotional but I am O.K. I do strangely feel positive about the future. Sometimes life just really sucks.

If you want to email me personally to talk more please do. [email protected]
Hi montanna,

I am familiar with the dissapointment and heartache of miscarriage TWICE!

When trying to conceive my first baby it took over 6 months to happen, then finally pregnant! Got to 11 weeks and started bleeding. Went to an ultrasound and was told there was no feotal heartbeat... devestating! Doctor advised us to wait 3 months before trying to conceive again. Waited and then tried again, it took another 3 months to conceive. Then pregnant... yippee! At 9 weeks started bleeding again... another ultrasound revealing no feotal heartbeat! Absolutley devastating! My doctor advised we start trying to conceive straight away after the loss, 3 months later I conceived... a nervous wreck! At 12 weeks had a scan and all was great! I now have a beautiful daughter 15 months old, also I am 20 weeks pregnant with our second baby and I conceived the very first time we tried.

The very best advice I can give you is to allow yourself to grieve the loss and then start trying again to conceive as soon as you feel ready. It could happen first go or it could take a few cycles for your body to re-adjust. Don't stress or put pressure on yourself, that can make it harder too (easier said than done - trust me I know). Give yourself time and if you are concerned seek medical advice.

Sending you heartfelt wishes and the best of luck,
Michelle smile
Hi i had the exact same thing. its very dissapointing the hormones dont help much either

i had an ultrasound at 10weeks and they said to me " look i'm sorry to tell you this but we can't find a heartbeat. and maybe its a bit early in ur pregnancy yet"

i thought it was all normal what she was saying but i'd read in a book that they can pick up the heartbeat at around 6weeks.
when i went back to my gp with the results he said to me, that i'd had an incomplete miscarrage although i couldnt understand how as i didnt have any bleeding or pains.
then he said to me that the sac was there but no baby. what he said after that was a blur. i was heartbroken. about 2hrs later i went to work. then at 9pm i went to the loo and was bleeding. (iwork 3pm-11pm ) i just kept working as i knew there wasnt a baby there. at 1am i went to the hospital and that was that.

that was jan 02 then i fell pregnant again in feb 03, and have a beautiful healthy baby girl.
the misscarrage was a wake up call . i had split up with my b/f after 8 yrs and finding out i was pregnant and going thru what we did made us realise we didnt want to break up but we just got a bit stale in our relationship.

sorry i'm babbling.
personally i think its all a matter of timing. we i think about it now i was more ready to have a bay after losing one. it changed my veiws on life too.

DD 13/11/03 -DD 11.11.05 - DS 17.4.08

Hi Montanna

dont ever beat urself up or get too sad because where theres a negative , theres always a positive on the other side. smile i know how u feel

DD 13/11/03 -DD 11.11.05 - DS 17.4.08

i was so happy when i found out i was pregnant in november last year was my first.. i had like little cramps etc while that and people saying it was normal and my body was changing.. had my first U/S and the guy said to me is this your first etc all my HCG levels were going up then went for my 2nd U/S and had the same guy and he asked the same questions.. went back to my GP and in the last U/S the results were baby died at 6 weeks when i should of been 10 weeks.. GP got me into Emergency that morning and had a D&C the next morning 1st JAN 2010 (i thought what a great start of a new year) we have started trying again like for 3 months nothing has happened but i know my body needs to heal.. i just so cant wait to get preggies again but i know deep down my time will come
still hurts me as i would of been due 3rd AUGUST. and i know i will not like it when that day comes around...
hi girl, am very sorry for your loses, i also lost two babies. one at 12 weeks, had a bit of spotting so i went to hospital and i still hear her doing the ultrasound and saying, sorry theres no heartbeat. absolutely devastating! i had a d and c the next morning, i felt nothing would make me feel better till i was pg agian, i waited one month and tried again, it took 3 months to fall pg, i was about 6 weeks and started bleeding, had a natural miscarriage, had a few ultrasounds to check everything had cleaned out, then i didn't wait and fell pg the next month, well i was a nervous wreck and had my gorgeous little boy on christmas day! i have since had another son. My boys are now 3.5yrs and 15 months, so stay positive ladies. You will be holding babies soon enough and you will always remember the ones you lost but will so thankful for the ones you have.

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