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Really want a girl Lock Rss

Hi i know it sounds selfish but i have a DS that is 3.5mths old and love him to death but would dearly love a little girl. My DH and myself have decided that we will only be having 2 children and i would love to hear from anyone that has any ideas on the best way to try and concieve a girl. If i ended up with another boy i would still be happy but would love a DD. I know that whatever i try there would still be a 50/50 chance but i would love to know that i tried my best to get my girl.
Hello Leeds

I followed the sheltons method (i think that is what its called) and the best way to conceive is have intercourse a few days before you ovulate!

our little girl laura is the first girl on my husbands side in 9 generations so we are very happy with her!

good luck


melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months

Hi Leeds,
Like you, DH & I always fancied having one of each. For the heck of it we read into the scientific and folklore bits 'n pieces and then decided it simply wasn't for us, but it sure was an interesting and often funny read! We now have no preference for either a boy or a girl, just another playmate and cuddle monster!

I do know that IVF sex selection, although ethically debatable, was being performed legally in NSW and at least one other state (it may have been VIC?). However, as of March this year IVF Australia have ruled this procedure out in NSW, UNLESS the parents have a high risk of a gender-related debilitating disease. Even using this method ... success was not 100%, and expensive.

There is plenty of links on the web ... Here's one for your interest: <a href="">Choosing your Baby's sex: The folklore</a>

Sue, DS b. Mar 2004

Hi Leeds,
My DH and I are trying for another baby at the moment , Lochie is 10 1/2months old now and we would love a baby girl, but I think our chances are pretty slim. We will do all we can, as in have lots of sex a few days before I ovulate but I am not totally sure of when I do ovulate, I am just hoping its the average, 14 days from the first day of your last period.
It doesn't sound selfish at all, If some of us could chose we would, but unfortunately we cant.
Good luck

Casey mum 2 Lachlan 3yrs & Charlie Bella 14 months

Hi leeds, I remember this subject from a ages ago. I also would have liked a girl however I am extremely happy with my 2 healthy boys...LOL.

Anyway I did a quick search and bumped 3 topics to the top for you. One includes a special diet to eat.. You will find them in Pregnancy and Birth under Planning for Pregnancy. They should be pretty close to the top and you should see my name as the last person who posted.

Good luck
Hi Leeds,
I worry about it being selfish too. I have a beautiful baby boy, Kai, who is 11 months old now and we have also decided only to have two if that is possible. So I would really like to try for a girl too. I too would be happy with a boy also as I love my son SOO MUCH!! but if I am going to try for another pregnancy, why not try and conceive a girl? At least then I won't wonder if I had tried would it have worked? If I don't try, and I just have a go for any gender, I don't want to then be trying for number three becuase I really did want to try for that girl after all!!

I'm not sure why I would love a 'pigeon pair' as they call it, I think maybe because my little brother and I are two years apart in age and get on so well.

I am mapping my temp/mucous now for a few months to pinpoint my ovulation time.

Good luck with your effort, keep us posted and I hope you get your girl!


Elle, DS: Kai 20/11/04 & DS: Jamie 13/02/07

Hi Leeds,
My friend gave me an address for a website for your ovulation calendar, on here you can work out when the best time in your cycle is to concieve either a GIRL or BOY or even if you dont' care what sex baby you want. Not sure how accurate it is or if it has worked for anyone but you might be interested in taking a look.
The address is
I have taken a look myself as we are trying for a 3rd child but have not had much luck yet, but I already have a girl and a boy so next time around doesn't matter for us but its still a helpful website to pin point your ovulation dates in your cycle.
Hope this is helpful to you and goodluck.

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