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Morning Sickness the 2nd time around but not first time. Rss

Hi Kristina

I was feeling sick with my first pregnancy, but not vomiting. I had a girl - Madison.

My second pregnancy I was vomiting every night for 6 months!! I had a feeling it was a boy right from the beginning as it just felt sooooo different.

My feelings were right - confirmed at my scan and my baby boy - Ashton, is now 8 weeks old!!

Jodie, Qld. Madison (09/09/00), Ashton (22/01/04)

Hi Kristina,

My first pregnancy I only got nauseous once maybe twice in early stages and threw up once and I had a girl.

Second pregnancy I'm still early under 12 weeks and boy am I really coping it. Nauseous so bad that I want to chuck but I'm not going to cos I will feel worse ????

Everyone said I was having a boy in my first cos no sickness only few times but there is no real myths about it. Everyone just goes from back in the past when they say your having a girl or boy if you do or don't get sick and all the other ones too. ????
I could have written these posts.
My first pregnancy I felt great (although didnt find out until out 9 weeks) all throughout and had a baby boy.
This time I found out very early (4 or 5 weeks?) and I've been exhausted, nauseated and just general cranky. I seem to have all the symptoms I read about but never got the first time - we are hoping this means it's a girl hahahaha
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