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not telling anyone that we pregnant Lock Rss

I'm so excited that we are pregnant, but my husband and i have decided not to tellanyone until we are 13 weeks.

we miscarried in july i was 8 weeks fetus was 6 weeks.
i am due around the 23 june would love to hear from people who are excited about their news and aren't telling anyone but need to.

Rylee 2 big brother to Tyler mummy angel boys

hi mummy love,
im not in the same situation as you, but i would just like to congratulate you!! i know a few people who have had miscarriages and its not a very nice thing to go through! but it seems you are doing well! you will know when its right to tell people!! all the best!
amanda xoxo

We miscarried twice last year, once at 7 weeks and the second time at 12 weeks so we are very hesitant in telling anyone this time around, even though i'm 15 weeks now, my mum and closest friend are the only two that know aside from my boss. It was a strain on hubby not to tell his grandparents when they visited recently, lucky for me i'm not showing yet. We are going to the Gold Coast for a family wedding in December so the majority of the family will find out then when they see me and by then I'm not expecting to be able to hide the belly.

We are both over the moon that we have gone further this time than before but we both feel that people will find out soon enough when I start to show more.
Hi mummy love.
I know what you're going through not being able to tell anyone.
My partner has a child to a previous marriage and his ex wife had also had a miscarriage, which happened 2 days after they had told everyone the news at 12weeks. So he wanted to keep our pregnancy quite too until atleast 12 weeks.
I was just soo excited though when i found out. We had been trying for more than a year! So i decided at 6 weeks i just couldnt keep it in anymore and after discussing it with my partner i told my parents but asked them please not to tell anyone yet. Anyway they were really excited and next time i spoke to mum she'd just told one of her sisters - but she wasnt going to tell anyone else. then the next time we spoke - she'd just told my grandad. Anyway by about 10weeks my whole side of the family knew.
Was a bit disappointed that everyone had found out and my partners side of the family still had no idea. But im 29weeks now and everything is great. And everyone knows now.
Anyway, if you manage to keep that news all to yourself for 13weeks - your a better women than i.

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