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Misscarried but still no period! Lock Rss

Hello, I was just wondering if there was anyone out there that has had my problem. Seven weeks ago I had a misscarriage, my period has not yet returned. The Obst. told us to get straight back in the saddle as such so it is not impossible that I am pregnant. As it has been seven weeks I rang the Obst. today to ask what to do as I have done five pregnancy tests in the last 3 weeks all negative. He told me just to take the medication he prescribed to help ovulation and go again but I am worried about taking it as I can't help but feel "What if I am pregnant" I don't know what to do. With the pregnancy that I misscarried I was two weeks overdue before a test said yes and they only ever came up faint so it's not like I have alot of faith in my test results. So this is my dilema according to the tests I am not pregnant (but I am not 100% convinced) and my period is three weeks overdue. Any advice? Thanks for listening.
HI Brismummy,
how are you doing? I have chatted to you before in a previous post.
I miscarried in 2003 and had 2 D&C's and at the time my OBst put me on the mini pill as she said my body probably wouldn't have returned to a normal cycle after having the miscarriage/curettes, so the mini pill helped me get a regular cycle in 24 days after the 2nd curette. So maybe if you are not pregnant and want a regular cycle back maybe you could look into taking the mini pill for just a month to make your body get back to normal.
As for the home tests I myself have never had them show up straight away either, even though I have been pregnant, so often a blood test to confirm is the better option for a more positive result from the doctor.
Good luck and keep in touch.

Hi Brismummy

I misscarried 4 weeks ago, got put into hospital to get cleaned out, i want another baby, but i am scared that if i get pregnant again, that i will loose this one as well, but i haven't had my period yet.



Lisa, NSW, 7yr&5yr and 2month old boys

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