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The legs up theory?? Lock Rss

Hey all

Just wondering what you all think of putting your bum on a pillow after sex to help the sperm find their way?
To be honest I did this last time for like half an hour afterwards and we conceived ds the 3rd mth of trying.

I am not ttc #2 yet but when I do I think I couldnt be bothered (and who has the time) to lay there for half an hour afterwards. But then what if it helped it to work lastime? lol too many worries.

Also sorry if tmi but how many of you actually 'clean up' iykwim afterwards or go to the toilet and do you think this helps or hinders?
Hay Kel,
Apparently its supposed to work ....did you do this for all 3 attempts or just the last one and it worked?

hey I did this for the last 2 months I think from memory. Feels like an age ago! lol
Hey Kel yeah we TTC for 4 months and I did the upside down thing for the last month or maybe 2 I cant quite remember, so I dont know if it was just coincidence or not that I got pregnant so soon after doing that!? Who Really KNows.

I will prob do it again tho just in case I figure it cant hurt but yeah its not the most fun thing in the world especially if DH thinks he can just go to sleep doesnt seem fair does it!

Oh this has also been mentioned in another thread in the Best Positions for TTC thread if you want more of a read.

oh thanks!

I went and checked it out. Good read!
Good to see both sides too of some who did and some who didnt! wink
Hey there!

Re: legs up theory...i have heard its true! Cant remember with DS or DD, if i did it..but i DID do it, (as a bit of a joke) this time round..and got my *faint* pos test today!

dunno if it was "THE BD THAT CONCIEVED" when i did i cant scientifically say for sure,lol!

Have fun trying tho!

Re: cleaning up/going to loo afterwards...I (like many others i know) was guilty of "holding it in" make sure those little swimmers didnt get out untill they'd done their job-lol!
well..unfortunately,i developed a mild UTI (urinary tract infection) from doing this..and the doctor (who knew i was TTC)-told me i should MAKE SURE i go to the loo after sex, to make sure it doesnt happen again.
Nothin worse than having UTI/bladder pains, when u need to BD to get preggers!

apparantly its VERY common,and alot of woman do it!

sorry to sound all high and mighty there (not trying to bust anyones bubble AT ALL)..just thought u gals might benefit from that little bit of info!

Anyways-hope i helped!

Raych xxoo smile

thanks Raych

You definitely helped!
I didnt even think about getting uti - that is a really good point.
It cant be too good for you really if you think about it.

I think you just think 'ooo I better not wee or I will wee out all the spermies!' lol
Good tip tho that you shouldnt hold it in!
I never thought of that. That would make sense though getting a UTI. Has anyone else got a UTI from holding it in. Maybe its not the best thing for me to be doing at the moment. lol got a honeymoon in two weeks.....

I was doing the legs up thing for the first few months of TTC my DS, and i got four UTI's in that time. I eventually fessed up to my GP about what was going on, and she said GO TO THE TOILET!. I gave up doing the legs up the wall and just got up to the loo afterwards, and stopped getting UTI's and still conceived my DS, even thought it took a little while!! I won't be trying it again, the infections were horrible!

I can honestly say (TMI) I always pee and then go have a shower lol.

I used the bum on the pillow thing to BD and then stayed that way for a little afterwards. Got pregnant first month after coming off the pill.

Though, my Doc says women are most fertile when they first come off the pill.
I put my legs up every time for about 5 mins or so, then would go to the loo. I got pregnant after 3 months.

I did the legs up thing with my second pregnancy, we were desperate to fall pregnant straight away. We did fall straight away but not sure if it was cause my legs were up or the fun and extra effort in trying to fall..My hubby was disappointed it happened the first month, LOL.

Zac & Clay -My angels Zahlia & Tyce

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