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TTC in Feb 08 Lock Rss


I thought I would jump in and start the TTC Feb thread.

I haven't posted on Huggies before, but I've been reading for a few weeks.

AF arrived over the weekend which was pretty disappointing, but I am still in the early stages, just on month 2. I'm hoping things will change in February.

Had the last glass of wine last night!

I'd love to hear from all of you who are TTC in Feb as well. Wishing you all good luck!


Some info about me:

Me 29
Him 27
TTC #1
Iam!! Iam!! jumping on board the baby train Feb thread. I am in the Jan thread but I will be testing around 16 Feb.

In the waiting to OV at the moment. TTC#5. Yeah I no sucker for punishment hehehe. Month#4?.

Here's to all the BFP's for Febuary. BELLY BUMPS TO US ALL!!!!


Me 40
Him 35


Didn't want to be in this thread but as AF arrived over the weekend I guess I am.
Welcome and baby dust to all those that join this thread.

TTC #2
Hi guys,

I'll be joining this thread too, although I hope this will be the last month.
Like Nicky I'm currently also in the Jan ttc thread but am due for af on 16/17th Feb. We are ttc #1 after two m/c's - August 07 at 7 weeks and November 07 at 4 weeks.
I'm 27 and DH is 31, so here's hoping we all get the BFP we so desparately want.

I look forward to sharing the journey with you and supporting each other through this time.

Baby dust to everyone, including myself!

Hi Guys,

ill join in too

we are up to month #5 i refuse to put the ticker on as it frustrates me to look at how long the month goes on for everytime i post

you guys been ttc for long???


We started ttc in March 07 so has been a while but as I said I've had two m/c's in between. I would just like to get pregnant and have one stick just to know that I can actually have children.

Do you have any children or are you ttc #1?

The ticker can be frustrating but I try not to look at all the time and sometimes its great to know where your up too in your cycle as I lose track.

Hope this is the month for all of us.

Hi JRL and to all the other gals who've said Hi.

We're only on month 2 of TTC. We only really started thinking about it in December (following the birth of a friends baby) and now we're getting quite excited about the whole idea.

Now of course, it's on my mind all the time!
Hi all smile],

Well I can't believe I am finding myself in the planning for pregnancy section again but am very excited to be here.

DH and I talked over the weekend and decided we are ready to ttc bub #4!!!! I have been thinking about it a bit lately as bub #3 gets ready to turn 1year old and so too has DH so it seems. Anyhow after a big chat we are now ttc. Just have to wait til he gets back from work training in 10 days time,lol.

Good luck to all those ttc in Feb- buckets full of baby dust to us all!!!!


[Edited on 29/01/2008]
Hey guys,

We have a DS who is turning 4 this year!!! we fell with him straight away so im extremely frustrated this time round..

i always seem to be down in the dumps for the 1st & 2nd day of AF then i just get over it must be a hormone thing

my sis is 24 weeks preggas and we dont get on at all she knows we are tryin and she is contantly rubbing her big belly or makin comments to everyong (execpt met) about feeling her baby kick its really starting to get to me

DH just says ignore it (easier said than done) she is just so childish sometimes

anyhoo theres my b!tch for the day...

i guess i wont need a ticker thing if your on this thread karen im 5 days behind you just ill just check yours

hee hee

Hi everyone,

AF showed up today (im very sad) so Feb will be month 5 of TTC #2. I really hope this is the month for us as I desperately want another baby & it's so hard now everyone keeps asking when we are going to have another one.

Good luck everyone

Me 23
DH 25
TTC #2

Hi Guys - can I join in as well?

We are TTC #2 - We already have a little boy who is 8 months old.....must be crazy to want another one now hey?

Me 27
DH 25
DS #1 - 24/5/07
TTC #2

Hi All,

Going to join your ranks a little early. AF hasn't arrived yet but just have a feeling I'm not pregnant this month. Have removed my ticker as it was driving me a little nuts and replaced it witha phrase that always makes me giggle. Hope you girls like it too.
I am 27 (soon to be 28 eek!), hubby is 28, we have 4 beautiful furry kids and this will be month four of trying to conceive bubby number 1 for us - assuming I'm not pregnant. I will know by next Monday or Tuesday I think. Right now I'm being very naughty and having a proper coffee so I hope I'm not doing any damage! Anybody else cave sometimes and have something they are not 'supposed' to have? I often forget that theres things I'm not meant to eat!
Have worked out that next times I am due to OV hubby and I should be on a houseboat alone for 4 days! Woohoo! Will have to make sure I take lots of massage oil and oysters!!

Hugs, baby dust and good luck to everyone!


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