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How do you love two? Lock Rss

My hubby and i have a wonderful son, who we love to bits... We are thinking about trying for another baby, so that he can have a sibling. The thing is... i know it happens but i just can't wrap my head around it... how do you love two children the same amount? i love my son SO much and i just can't imagine how i can love another one the same...

DS 21/8/04 DD 18/9/06

They are little people that do things to make you smile. After I had Jessica for the first 2 months I will say I didnt love her as much as I did of her sister. Jessica screamed constantly for the first 2 months which was really stressful. Then one day she started smiling and it melted my heart.

You need to spend time with them separately which is very hard when trying to look after 2, you dont get much spare time but it is worth it. I now know I love my girls equally.

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Hi there,

I can totally relate to your feelings when we were ttc #2 and whilst pregnant i had moments of wondering how i could possibly find enough love to give to a 2nd child but for me the moment i held my 2nd son all those feelings flew out the window, i think your #1 child will always hold a special place in your heart but in the end you are a mum and everything will fall into place, i am 16 weeks pregnant with #3 and believe it or not i am having those same thoughts but i know they too will be shortlived...

Hope this has helped good luck ttc. xxx

Hi there,
I hate to quote Dr Phil, but as he says, you have a 'separate account' in your heart for each of your children, so it's not hard to love each of them the same.
Good to know as I am expecting #2, and I think the sun shines out of #1, how could the next one even come close? I am sure that he/she will!

YM04, DS Sept 04 & Baby girl Nov 06

You could never love your first one any less you just make more love for the second. even the love you have for your first will increase once you see them interact with the new baby. It just melts your heart. DD gets soooo excited when DS learns somthing new(he has just started walking). She gives him so much encouragement. He is so lucky to have a sister like her. And it makes me so happy to see them like this.
I feel so much love for DD when she finishes a new painting for me and then the same time get excited when DS learns to stack blocks.
All kids are diffrent and you will love them for there own personality, there own little way they do things and most of all the way they look up at you with there smile.
The big issue is the time you spend with each one! there is no way that you can spend the time on #2 that you spent with #1. You just need to remember that you have #1 spending time with #2 as well as you so it kind of makes up for it.

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