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When did your belly start showing???? Lock Rss

It's great to hear everyone's experiences!

I'm a first time mum and now 17wks. My belly is HUGE (thankfully I'm tall or I think I'd be looking like tweedle dee - haha!).

My belly started to show around 8 weeks and it's just got progressively bigger and more solid.

My mother was the opposite - she hardly showed at all until about the 7th month with both her pregnancies - guess I got Dad's genes! smile


HAHAHA tarns, I guess ill be Tweedle-dumb......

Im pretty short, so you could imagine!!!!!!!

And just to say to everyone.... cause im starting to feel a lil' like people might think im to conscious about my apperance....... Im not minding that im big and pregnant looking, its a good thing.

I just never put on this much........

And yes i had heard too that your belly gets bigger cause of the muscle growth, and after more bub and all that but my second even though she was a bigger bub....... my stomach was smaller..........

We just dont know - - maybe im a bit of a Weirdo:)smile hehehe

Ill just be wacked if after the ultrasound i came back to announce TWINS...... scary!!!!
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