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elivit vs blackmores gold Lock Rss

what is better elivit or blackmores gold
last time i used blackmores but im just curious to know what other mummys think???

I posted a similar thread a little while ago, I took Blackmores last pregnancy but combined with morning sickness found it hard to swallow them as they are absolutely HUGE and has a foul smell and taste.

We are TTC #2 soon and have started taking Elevit and have lots of great feedback from other girls here who have used them. For one they are a bit smaller than the Blackmores and have hardly any smell or taste which is great as just thinking of the Blackmores ones makes me feel sick now so I didnt like the idea of trying to keep them down again if I do get morning sickness next time.

Also they have as many vitamins and trace minerals as the Blackmores, actually I think they even have a couple more when I compared them to each other.

Hope this helps.

Hi there, I dont know which is better but can only tell you that ive only used Elevit because of my age because it says that it reduces chances of neural tube defects by 90% which appealed to me hehe not heard anything about blackmores sorry

Baby dust and sticky dust to everyone!
Maria xoxox

I take Blackmores - I've never noticed the smell...and I don't have trouble taking tablets so the size doesn't bother me. They have been fine...

At the end of the day the vitamins in them will only help where you are lacking - if you eat a good variety of healthy foods in conjunction with the tablets I don't think it matters which ones you take.

I took Blackmores for all 3 pregnancies. When I had DD1 thanks was what the hospital recommended to take. Although I think that was Pre Elivit. Blackmores is cheaper particularly if you take it pre conception. I have seen on other forums that Elivit has more folic acid in it. i was taking high doses of folic acid due to family history of spina bifida so didn't matter what was in the others.
Hi all I'm using Blackmores. It was recommended to me by a mother. This is my first time trying for a baby so i don't know much of anything. I find it easy to swallow at the moment but i do admit they are huge and would consider switching to Elivit if by some miracle i fall pregnant and can't stand swallowing them anymore.

I used Blackmores too for my first pregnancy and had no problems swallowing them but i do agree they are hard to swallow and gagged on them many times. My OBGYN reccommended Blackmores so this is what i took. I wasn't aware then of how many different types of pregnancy vitimins are on the market.
Anyway, DF and i are currently TTC again and i have been taking the Blackmores only because they are cheaper and avaliable from the supermarket.
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