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Hi everyone,

I have just been diagnosed with PCOS as some you may know from the other threads. I'm in pain, tired, sore, upset, think I'm going into some sort of weird deppresional state, been crying all day and just worried and confused and don't know anything. If anyone here has PCOS, i would love to hear from you, about anything, falling pregnant, the pain, treatment, whatever, any info is so appreciated. Thankyou so much. I'm so scared.

HI Sarah,

I have PCOS and have a DS so it is possible to have a bub. I had to take Clomid to help me ovulate to fall pregnant.
I am currently taking it again trying for bub #2
As for pain I have never had any. My only symptom is i dont ovulate. Are you seeing a gyno?
Im happy to answer questions you may have.

Hi Karen!

I am seeing my doc tomorrow night to hava look at the ultrasounds they did today and then he's writing me a referral later to a scared if that makes sense.. i dunno if i even ovulate i don't know anything and i've only been off the pill for 2 weeks. the pain i have is all down my right side of my back and down the bottom and all on the right ovary side..its so painful that today i couldnt even walk..its ridiculous..i've been told that my right ovary is really swollen compared to the left one.. sad i dont know what to do. How long did it take u to fall pregnant with ds since ttc? thankyou for your reply. xx
In my case my ovaries would make eggs and would not release them naturally then they would stay on my ovaries and becomes cysts. When I was first diagnosed I had 20 on one ovary and 18 on the other. I was then prescribed clomid to help it all work properly and once they got my dosage right which took 2 months i fell preg with my DS which was 15 months from stopping the pill but it tool 13 months to find out the problem.
The pain you have might be related to having cysts on your ovaries?? your ultrasound will tell you whats going on there.
How long does your cycle normally go for when you are off the pill?
Good luck at the doc tomorrow and let me know how it all goes.
Also just thought.... If that pain has only just started int he past day it could be ov pain looking at your ticker.
When i ov'd a week ago i was in sooo much pain for 2 days.
Hi Karen,

Yes ur right the ultrasound will tell me so much more so im just waiting for 6pm tomorrow night to come so i can see my doc..i dunno how my cycle is off the pill because this is the first time ive been off it since i went on it for irregular periods about 5 yrs ago and i have only been off it for about two weeks..the doctor says that he thinks the ultrasound will show up cysts as well...ive had the back pain for about 3 months straight now and i cant tell if i have had pain in my ovaries for that long as well coz there is so much pain i dont know which part of the body its coming from but its definately gotten worse in the last 2 the point where i cannot im hoping and praying that its coz im ov and im hoping and praying that im actually ov because the doc told me with pcos i might not be able to ov naturally..does pcos ever go away permanently or get better? thankyou so much for your advice.

hi there i have PCOS too, i to have had a son who is now 10 mths old and im very blessed to have him as i dont know if i ovulate/ when i ovulate it was just a gift given to me!! hope all goes well for you, i cant wait til i am blessed again with another bub! id love to be pregnant again soonish!! hope u figure everything out!!

Good luck tonight at your appointment, bummer its so late in the day, even longer to wait.
Irregular periods are a sign of PCOS too. Maybe one of the cysts has gotten bigger and thats whats causing you the pain. Usually they just break down and go away.
My doc said that my pregnancy may have helped me with my PCOS but nup it didnt. Only other thing i know of that can help it to go away is to lose weight, as most people are often a bit overweight, but as im only a size 8-10 anyway that wouldnt help me LOL...
Hope this helps..
Hi ladies, thanks for your messages, yes Karen the doctor told me that if i have a baby it should help with my pcos as well although i thought that sounded a little strange?? but i guess it must help some people if all doctors seem to say the same thing? I read on the net that losing weight can help as well, well im sort of in your situation, i am a size 12 and 169cm tall and dont have much weight to lose lol..i guess it couldnt hurt to lose a few kilos maybe..

hope everyone is well and will let you all know how the doctors appt goes tonight!
Hi Sezzi

I posted to you in the TTC Feb thread as my sister had a lot of the symptoms you had described as having when you were a teenager. She's had the tests for PCOS but they've all been negative. From her perspective she thinks thats worse as at least if you have a diagnosis you can do whatever it takes to keep the illness under control and to help you conceive (not that she is anywhere near wanting to do that!!). I think I'm going to get her to see a better doctor as PCOS really does explain a lot of her symptoms too.

So while this is not a good thing for anyone at least now you know why you're in pain and you can work with your doctors to get some help with the pain and with conceiving. I really wish the best for you and hope that you get some relief from the pain soon. And of course that magical BFP!!! Good luck!

Mum to Caitlin & Owain


Thankyou and yes your right, my husband said the same thing, that at least now we know what the problem is, we can work towards fixing it. So thankyou so much for thinking of me and keep trying with your sister as i've had previous tests and nothing has ever shown up before. I recommend a hormone test which only consists of a blood test but can help in determining what an ultrasound cant see if it's still early and pcos has been detected. People with PCOS have a higher level of testosterone than normal. Good luck i wish her well, thankyou i really hope we all see our BFP's soon! xx
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