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Anyone who cant decide whether to have a 2nd? Lock Rss

I think I am overthinking my decision!!! Cos I cant make up my mind.... I love my little guy soooo much I am not sure I want to share my time with another, but then the next day I just want a little baby again... And I feel the pressure of time as I am 35 now!! Am I the only one, or does everyone else just KNOW they will have 1 or 2 or 3 or however many!!!

Suz, NSW

Providing we are able to, my hubby & i have always said we want more than 1...we haven't got a figure in mind, maybe 3 don't really know yet. We both think it would b lonely (for bubs) if we just had 1 (nb: Not having a go at people that want just the 1 this is our personal opinion only for our family only).
I come from a family of 5 kids and there was always some one to play, fight or get up to mischief with (not that we were naughty kids).
Plus, (This is a bit morbid, and i really don't like to think this way) we think if anything happend to my DH & i (touch wood) then the kids will always have each other for help / support.
Whether you choose to have 1, 7 or whatever number of kids they'll all be loved the same.

NSW, DD May 05 grin

Although my son is only 4.5 months old I'm confident that we will have at least one more baby.
My partner grew up being an only child and he said that it was the most lonely time of his life. Although he had friends at school he wished that he had somebody to share a special bond that only siblings have.
I know for some people 1 child is perfect for them but u need to take into account the life your setting up for your 'only' child.


I'm preggo with #4 now, we always said 5 kids. The main thing that decides me is watching them grow together, big sis is already so protective and loving, and her little sisters love her, she only has to look at them and they cack themselves laughing! I am an only child, and don't have that bond with anyone, and can't remember many fun things growing up. A lot of people tell me my kids are missing out on personal time with me (they still get a large amount though), but i figure that won't be the major thing they remember when they're older, they'll remember huge exciting christmases, and staying up all night with each other, and the big fights they had, and always having someone there their own age who understands them. Kids are just more fun than adults!

Kelly, 22, 1 @ 25/1/04, 2 @9/3/05, [email protected]/4/06

untill i met my DP 2 years ago i didn't have any idea how many i wanted so i just let nature take it's cause (mind you contraseption hasn't worked for me at all) when i met DP i already had 3 kids and was 9 weeks pregnant with my 4th, i now have nearly 6 and still want 2 more after this,
my advice to you would be stop useing contraseption and let nature take it's cause, if it happens it happens if it doesn't then it was never ment to be, and at the very least you can let your body make the choice for you!
and you will be able to share your love with another child and it well happen from the time you know you are pregnant!
good luck decideing what to do!
I was so happy with one, felt like everything was perfect and why change things if your happy? My husband really couldn't imagine only having one and from the day Neena was born people would ask when the next one was coming!!
I guess I thought more about the future when i decided to get pregnant again, you know they will like the company when they are 8 or 10 or even adults, family holidays will be fun, they can entertain eachother... there are still times when i wonder what I am doing, I could seriously have had just one but i am excited to go through everything again, bond with another little bubba and my daughter is so freaking clucky its not even funny!!!!!!
Two is the limit for me though!

Sare, DD1 1.03, DD2 4.06, DS edd 6.07

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