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How do you know when you're feeling the baby move? Rss

i am so jealous! i loved being pregnant would love to try for that elusive girl aftre 3 boys. . at first it feels a bit like bubbles popping in your tummy . soon you will not mistake it for anythting ealse when s/he is doing somersaults . good luck. whrn are you due?

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi again,

I am almost 27 weeks pregnant now and there is no mistaking when the baby moves! You can see parts of my tummy stick out where a limb is pressing or see my whole tummy distort when the baby rolls... it is a sight to see. Very entertaining!

Hope you are all enjoying feeling your bubs move inside you... there is nothing like it!

I am expecting my second (but my first is now 7 -huge age gap) but I was told to expect to feel the second baby start moving and kicking much earlier than the first. Boy was I disappointed. I was told around the 16 week mark, but I did not feel anything until around 20weeks. I kept thinking something was wrong. But now he is like a footballer kicking all over the place.
So exciting now its finally happening, and lots more often now as I'm 26 and a half weeks.

SA, Girl 08/01/97, DD 10/08/04

Hi again

24wks now and he (we are having a boy!) has been kicking his little heart out! The look on my partner's face the first time I put his hand on my tum and he got a kick was just beautiful!

I sit down all day at work and Pea (that's what I call him) usually has a burst every few hours.

I don't think I want to give birth now and miss out on feeling this - hehe! smile


Hi Tarns,

Congrats on the joy you are experiencing with your bub's movements!!

I too am having a boy and I am due 30th July, but I predict I'll be having an August 1st baby... just when you are due!!

Good luck with everything smile

I am feeling lots of wonderful movements too, but if you think that is great wait until you hold your baby in your arms for the first time!!


Forgive a pregnant fool - you are not due August 1st, are you? You meant you are having your first bub in August...

Oh, well...

I still wish you all the best with your first bub!

Michelle :}

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