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AF arrived, not my month! Lock Rss

Hi All

Well i took a HPT test couple of days ago and it was negative, but it still thought maybe too early, but then yesterday i had a big pain and i knew it was coming and yes it sure did. Have been trying for number 2 for about 2 months (took us 15 months ttc with 1st baby). Was hoping this would be my month, but it wasnt, so its back to the whole timing of ovulation again next month!! AGH!! Thanks ladies.
Kathryn and William 10 Months
CD1 and hating it!!

Kathryn mummy to William and PG with TWINS


i must say keep trying as next month could be your month!!! never give up hope it took us quiet a few months to concieve and it was well worth the wait,

wishing you luck wish for some big loads of star dust!!!

good luck

stacey& craig

mother of three beautiful children

Hi Kathryn,
Sorry to hear it wasn't your month, but hang in there it will happen for you.

We are currently trying for number 3 and have been for 5mths now and my P's turned up 3 days late this week so I thought it may have been our month but no we were wrong there too, so we'll give another go and go into my 6th cycle, does get you down a little bit as you seem to see pregnant woman everywhere or friends that didn't want anymore children annouce they are pregnant but I already have 2 beautiful children so I'm sure intime we can have another.

All the best to you too and fingers crossed we may both get a lovely Xmas surprise.

Hi Kathryn,

Have you had any luck yet falling pregnant with your 2nd? We ended up getting some luck in February and I'm now due with our 3rd on 30th October, it took us 8mths to finally fall and I think in the end it helped as I used a ovulation kit which I found great, plus DH and I went away for a weekend on our own so there was no stress etc we were both totally relaxing without the kids so I think it just all fell into place nicely.
Anyway I hope by now you are pregnant too, would love to hear how you are getting on.

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