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TTC # 2 While Breastfeeding Lock Rss

Just wanted to ask is anyone out there doing the same as us and ttc whilst breastfeeding? I realise there have been posts like this before and am aware of the facts but just wanted to see how common/or not it is and talk to others who are doing the same. Have tried to ask this question in other threads before but have no response. Ds is 7 months old and we thought we'd have a go at ttc #2 even though our chances are much lower while bf. We would love to have two babies close together. Ds doesn't look like he wants to give up the breast any time soon either!
I really hope this post doesn't upset or annoy anyone who have been ttc for a while as I certainly dont want to upset anybody and wish you all the very best in ttc.
Look forward to chatting, Cheers Xanthe
Hi Xanthe
It is possible to conceive while breastfeeding - but it is different for everyone.

I was breastfeeding my then 7 month old, I hadn't had AF since he was born, and I was using the mini-pill. My Dh and I had sex for the first time since our baby's birth, and we got pregnant.
We weren't trying, I was led to believe that breastfeeding was enough of a contraception, and was taking mini-pill just to be sure, but we still managed. We had stopped a night feed about a month before we got pregnant, so maybe that had something to do with it..
I do know of couples that have been TTC while breastfeeding and used formula for a night feed, so that the breastfeeding mum could drop a feed, and it has worked for them.

Good Luck - but as I say, everyone is different.
Hi!! I am so glad you posted this, we are in the same boat as you. My doctor has told me to give up bf if I want to conceive, but neither me or dd want to do that just yet! We have been ttc since Ella was 5 months coz we wanted a 15-18 month age gap, but that probably won't happen so now we are aiming for under 2 years.

My dd still wakes during the night and can be pretty unpredictable in what time she wakes up. I feed her if she does, so I think this might be the reason I haven't even got my af back yet!!

I would love to hear more stories of people who have conceived while still bf!! It was good to read your post marriedwithchildren!!

So where abouts do you live Xanthe?? How is your ds doing? Would be great to chat some more.
[Edited on 08/04/2008]

Thankyou so much marriedwithchildren for your advice, and just to know that it can and does happen is fantastic!.

Quin 24 - Good to hear that you are going through the same thing!!!!! It just makes you feel so much better! My ds is known for being fairly unpredictable, we call him Unpredictable Lad (also the name of the horse on a Kath & Kim wedding episode if you watch that) He generally goes to bed 7ish sleeps till 11ish feeds both sides then and sleeps till 5ish when he wakes for a feed. This has only been a fairly recent routine but can change at the drop of a hat. Hoping that this change in night feeds will help us ttc as I've heard it does. Would not mind weaning him soon but he wont take a bottle so i'm stuffed! Anyway sorry to bore you with all this but it's so nice to chat about it instead of worrying about it!
We live in central QLD so looking forward to heading into some cooler weather soon. How is your daughter going apart from the waking at night which must be tiring for you, little darlings they are aren't they!!
Good luck with the ttc and look forward to chatting more soon! Cheers Xanthe
You aren't boring me!! It is good to chat!!

Yeah that sleeping pattern sounds a lot like what Ella has been roughly doing... She has a cold atm so last night I was expecting her to wake every couple of hours but she slept from 7pm to 6.30am!! Hopefully she will do more of that!!

So I am also hoping that her not having so many night feeds will help us ttc.

Have you tried giving your ds (sorry what is his name??) his water from a bottle during the day?? I have been feeding Ella her water like that so she gets used to it in case we decide to ween her. Or maybe even leave him with someone else to feed him? Not having you and your milk there might help him take a bottle?

Ella is doing well, learning new things everyday!! She has her own little caterpiller crawl, but is starting to figure out that crawling on her knees might be easier!!

We live in Gisborne NZ, which is usually one of the warmer places to live, but summer just been hasn't been too flash. We have had a couple of days of quite heavy rain, I haven't even bothered going outside!!

My little mans name is Will, that would've been so nice Ella sleeping 7 to 6:30! We've learnt not to get too excited about that when it happens to us as the next night always seems different - unpredictable lad! Anyway you take the good when it comes hey! I looked Gisborne up on the net last night and it looks beautiful! What a gorgeous place to live you lucky duck.
Will drinks water from one of those sipper cups with the controlled flow (only comes out if he sucks) if you know what i mean, so I was thinking during the day I might try to put some formula in it and see if he takes some.
You mentioned you haven't had af yet, I got mine back when Will was 3 months old but the last couple of months have been weird, 42 day cycles etc?????? Must be the breastfeeding. Hopefully now that Ella is sleeping better at night you might get yours back, you never know though you may still be ovulating even though you havent had af??? Could try maybe baby ov testers to see if you are. Hope it happens for you soon. Spose it's fun trying though!! Have a great day, cheers xanthe.
Yeah I know not to get too excited, but she has only woke up at 4am the last couple of nights too. We have actually given her a little pillow (naughty I know) but I thought it would help with her cold and it really seems to have improved her sleeping.

Gisborne is a nice little town, first place in the world to see the sun each morning!! A lot of people come here for new years.

You should try giving Will some formula in his cup, just a taste no stress kinda thing to start with. Ella started drinking well from one of those cups but then just started chewing the tip, another reason she now gets water from a bottle!!

Wow that is unlucky you got your af back so early!! Although in saying that I think I would of rather it come back early than this late!! At the beginning of this and last month I had some cramps - so I am hoping that is things starting to get back into gear!!

I am going to do a test next week... I test once a month around the middle of the month. Can't wait, but I try not to get too excited anymore.. I thought I was pregnant the first month, had a lot of headaches (which happened 1st time around) But it was just me reading too much into things!!

So what about Will?? Is he starting to get on the move?? How is he going with solids??

It will be the breastfeeding messing with your cycle, have you been to your doctor?? Might have some advice, at the least he give prescribe you some folate.

I thought I would buy maybe baby if I get a bfn this time. Ew now who is the one blaaing on!! Better go and have a shower while Ella is still asleep!!

Well you would not believe what has happened! I'm bloody pregnant! Like you, I thought I would do a test just to sort of rule it out as af was all over the shop again, and it was positive! Still in a bit of shock and disbelief so had blood test and sure enough about 6 weeks along. Very surprised as I really beleived that I wasn't. Anyhow there you go girl it is definately possible even if you're all over the shop. It took us a while ttc last time almost a year so thought we were in fo a little bit longer than this. Reality is starting to sink in a little now as I'll have another before the end of the year - how will I do it????? Very happy and excited though and I keep looking at Will and thinking how blessed I will be to have another. Gosh I hope this happens for you soon so here's hoping that the next test you do will be a bfp! Feel a bit silly as I've only just started this post and talking to you....
Oh, and tried some milk in the sipper cup with Will and he didn't seem to mind it so I'll keep persisting with that and as for being on the move well he's not real keen on crawling or being on his tummy, but seems very keen to be up on his feet with us holding his hands! Determined little thing but I'm trying really hard to leave him on his tummy and encouraging him to crawl - doesn't look like any time soon though.
I just thought I would let you know that I fell pregnant with my DS#2 (now nearly 11 months) while feeding my then 9 month old DD. There is 18 months between them. So it sure can happen. I did have my AF back though, I only had it for 3 months and then fell pregnant.

Anyway! Good luck with TTC!

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Oh wow!! Congrats for you!! Didn't take long at all!!! You will do it and wonder what you did with your time when you only had 1 to look after!! So you are due in november?? You and your partner must be so excited, I have heard you are most fertile in the year after having a baby.

For a bit of sad news, i'm not pregnant... Took a test this morning, so I am going to buy a maybe baby and see if i'm ovulating and if not we have decided to ween Ella when she is 10 months.

I fell pregnant 1st month with Ella and I don't think she wants a little brother or sister just yet, it will happen when everything is right!

I'm so sorry to hear your news, but here's hoping it's your month soon what with Ella sleeping better at night and not feeding as much. I remember how frustrating it was to hear others were pregnant when you were ttc, so for that I'm sorry and I wish you all he luck in the world.
I'm due around December 1st, I went over almost two weeks with Will which drove me hoping this one is a little more timely.
Will drank two bottles of formula today just like that, two months ago he wouldn't have a bar of it so there you go, Unpredictable Lad again!!! Hope Ellas sleeping is continuing to improve and you have lots more 7 - 6:30 nights.
Cheers, Xanthe
HI Xanthejane
We have been ttc #2 since DD was 10mths old -(tomorrow she will be 19months) Haha yes i am one of those clingy mother who still feeds their toddle! Funny i always said once DD starting walking that was it no more - but it was harder said than done. Anyway my Dr reckons we need to give up BF to fall, but the thought really depresses me - but on the other hand the thought of not falling pregnant depresses me too - so who knows, i have started not feeding her as often, but still finding it hard as she still wants it so much!
Good Luck to you all - i hope you all get BFP's soon!!!
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