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Hi All,

I really need to get my frustration out!!!!
I have been referred to a fertility clinic to start clomid so we can have a bub.
Apart from the fact consultations and the tests which I have already had done are expensive,(yet they would like to do them again, just 'incase') I have had so many blood tests, ultrasounds, internal ultrasounds and examinations, I have just about had enough.
I am extremely healthy, but a 'little' overweight ( I call it hourglass shape) and they have told me they won't put me on treatment until I lose and am in thier 'weight range'
I can't believe what I have to go through. I feel like crying. So not only the stress of having not much chance of concieving a baby naturally, I have to lose weight also.

Does anyone know of a good naturopath? lol
All sympathy to you spinky, but can not be of any help. If you're looking for a naturopath it would help to know approx location. Hey maybe we should suggest a topic just for referral to specialists in area.

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