When I had my first baby about a year ago, my pelvic cavity was very narrow so he barely fit through, had to have a vacuum extraction to help him and he was 3 weeks early!

I'm a rather large woman, so with my hips which I always thought were capable of birthing baby elephants, I didn't think a little 7 pound 1 ounce baby would get stuck!

Anyway, my ob has given me a referral to have pelvic xrays done anytime before I decide to fall pregnant with #2 so they can monitor the size of the baby as it grows and if it looks too big near the due date, they will take it by c/s, or possible induce me early. She said they rarely ask you to do it before your first, but it would have saved alot of people alot of trouble if they knew it wouldn't fit in the first place!!

Has anyone else experienced this? And have you had the exrays etc?